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    An article I found, once you read the title on the page you will see how stupid or funny it is.



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    Quote Originally Posted by spartn View Post
    An article I found, once you read the title on the page you will see how stupid or funny it is.


    Id be worried if that teletubby was named "stinky pinky" Oh thats disgusting B.B heh heh
    Hope they don't probe too deep.

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    Without a doubt we all have a perception of what is beautiful or ugly.For me, up until about 38 i considered myself average or o.k. and would make an excellent partner for some lady.Around about this time I started looking old and if I may say, started to look ugly.This following view I thought both funny and realistic, especially the last sentence.

    Ugly people are appreciated for their personality -- Beautiful people never know if people like them for who they are or how they look. I know plenty of pretty women and to be perfectly honest I couldnít tell you if they have pleasant personalities or not. Heck, I couldnít tell you if they have a personalities at all. If youíre ugly, though, and someone agrees to go out with you itís because they like you for who you are. Unless, of course, you are rich. Then they like you because of your money.

    Ugly people are funnier -- Think of all the truly funny people you know. Chances are they are unattractive. Thatís because ugly people canít take themselves too seriously. ďSon, if you canít laugh at yourself, my dad used to tell me, ďthen youíre obviously not looking in the mirror."

    Ugly is cheap and easy -- I donít mean that ugly people are cheap and easy (though that too is often the case) but that ugliness is low maintenance. When youíre ugly you donít have to worry about trivialities such as make-up, or face lifts, or brushing your teeth. Since nothing you do is really going to matter you can just let yourself go.

    Ugly people are more successful -- Beautiful people have everything handed to them. Ugly people, on the other hand, have to work harder to get what they want. Do you think there would be a Microsoft if Bill Gates looked like George Clooney? Great innovations, inventions, and advice columns are always produced by some ugly geek who couldnít get a date and had nothing better to do than improve the world. Our economy if fueled on ugly.

    Ugly people are the majority -- Forget the Democrat and Republican parties. Someday we ugly people will unite and become the biggest voting bloc in the country. One day we will take over and have all the pretty people be at our beck and call. I figure that we can hold our first convention at the state fair since we all congregate there anyway.

    Ugly is inevitable -- Beauty fades but ugly is everlasting. If we live long enough we eventually all get ugly. Some of us fortunate ones just get there first.

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    It's an age old argument. Noddy got banned because he used to sleep with big ears. But as the Seinfeld fans would say "Not that there's anything wrong with that".

    I don't see the link though - short, fat, furry creatures with phallic symbols on their heads and carrying hand bags, can't understand all the fuss.

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    It is funny that they are thinking of banning them due to their potential 'gayness'.

    It is stupid that the Teletubbies has not been banned for being such an inane and moronic show that does nothing at all to advance children and most likely causes them to regress, especially in speech.

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    anecdotal signs youre near another top in markets.....

    snoop dogg gives up angsty rage gangsta rap and takes on peace lovin reggea, changes name to Snoop Lion

    meow (mon!)


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