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    Interesting media clean up, the "Chaser" asked their famous 10 questions to Sophia Loren who just flew into Australia for the Italian Australian Film Festival, and the "Chaser" asked their famous 10 questions, unfortunately the 10 questions were not that funny and were more embarrassing to the comedy crew, they were just not funny questions ... and Sophia like everyone else was asking "what the?" , funny enough I can no longer find the video (only shortly posted on smh ... and can not find anywhere else .. ?).

    Anyone that can post it, I would appreciate it.

    Seems like a fine line between being a comedian and a d1ckhead.
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    wierd, Sure they are going to have some skits funnier than others. And no question, none of us on this side of the TV screens think the same way they do - they are seriously whacko fringe dwellers lol.

    I guess that particular Sophia Loren interview won't be included in their "best of Chasers" DVD's.

    I agree entirely that at time of filming, a lot of people (interviewees, onlookers etc) would be asking "what the??" People rolling balls of wool around Melbourne, handing out apples, doing belly flops on the floor (dancing) and asking for a job at beer companies, telling the bank teller she's on hold, etc.

    But when you see it after putting it together, would you (not) agree that they are
    a) usually pretty funny?.
    b) often pretty funny? How about
    c) occasionally pretty funny ?

    Incidentally, they have a standard proforma complaints form on their website .. copy attached.

    http://shop.abc.net.au/browse/produc...81&promoid=205 The Chaser is now better-known than ever, with the success of their current Friday night ABC TV series The Chaser's War on Everything.

    The team responsible for The Election Chaser (2001), CNNNN (2002) and CNNNN Live (2003) have together lost a host of Australian and international TV comedy awards. However, their credibility-building run of losses ended in 2004 when CNNNN tied with Kath & Kim to win the Logie for Most Outstanding TV Comedy. In 2005 they won the Logie for Most Outstanding TV Comedy with the hugely popular, The Chaser Decides (ABC).

    The Chaser was founded in 1999 as a fortnightly satirical newspaper produced out of a spare bedroom by a group of four university friends. Since those humble beginnings, the Chaser team has lost its humility and has produced Classic comedy in all media, including print, online, radio, television and Christmas crackers.
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    Default Re: Chaser vs Sophia Loren

    I notice the current "season" started 28 March, and comprises 26 new episodes......(means it will finish just before the election I guess - unless it continues on seamlessly)

    ABC bookshop adds ....
    * The season comprises 26 new episodes. * In the event of a federal election, The Chaser will present a series of election specials.
    Keep an eye out for the DVD from this Series!
    Now, rack your brains and try to come up with one funny skit

    let alone enough to fill 13 solid hours

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