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    Fumes in aeroplanes are dangerous. I smell them sometimes but what about those who work on them many times weekly.
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    That's quite frightening, especially the thought of being in that aircraft with the pilot and copilot both paralysed. I wonder exactly how serious the problem is though; this article to me smells like a conspiracy theory blown right out of proportion.

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    It is widely accepted in the pilot world that the BA-146 has a fume problem but it is not in any company's interest (airline or manafacturer) in openly admitting to it. I know a lot of pilots and flight attendants who refuse to fly on it.

    Flight crew are extremely sensitive to any smell/sound/feel/report that is out of the ordinary. We take them very seriously and are more than willing to divert an aircraft if we are the slightest bit suspicious. Sometimes it makes the news and sometimes it doesn't but rest assured - if you report to a flight attendant something unusual - it reaches the pilots pretty quickly and they take it extremely seriously. You may not see the result and in most cases it may be nothing but we are a hell of a lot more paranoid than you are because we spend a lot of our careers studying and learning from "accidents and incidents" - a lot of which start from nothing.


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