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    Hi all.
    Having just spent a lot of time comparing trading platforms since the demise of Sanford Pro, I have a couple of questions aimed at the members who use/need/want real-time (dynamic) trading platforms.

    1. If you were looking for a platform which of these product names would make you want to look further:
    a. Bourse Data
    b. Phoenix AI
    c. Reuters Quotecentre
    d. Slick Trader
    e. eSignal
    f. Spark Trader
    g. Bull Charts
    h. Market Analyst

    2. How much would you pay per month for a package that gave you exactly what you wanted it to do?
    a. < $100/m
    b. $100 - $150 per month
    c. $150 - $200 per month
    d. > $200 per month

    3. Would you pay an upfront fee to get a trading platform?

    4. Would any of you give me $100k no strings attached? (Just kidding unless you really want to LOL).

    Seriously I would be interested in people's thoughts on this.
    Besides all that it would be interesting to know how many members actually use dynamic trading platforms.

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    i use phoenixai for data. it has very good intraday data and charts

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    Quote Originally Posted by dougit View Post
    i use phoenixai for data. it has very good intraday data and charts

    A quick look has an affiliate GryphonLearning and a trading system called Hawkeye.

    Another site maybe worth exploring.

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    E signal coupled with Tradeguider.

    IB broker.

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    I've been using Spark for the last 6 months and it is without doubt the best platform available for ASX market.

    Check out sparktrader.com

    My only complaint is they don't have trading functions available within Spark. I still have to use Etrade's website to execute. It is not really a major issue as I run two screen and just keep Etrade open on the right hand screen.

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