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    I've just had a rather interesting conversation about wages (not mine).

    In short, it seems that there is a group of people (qualified tradespersons also required to hold post trade qualifications) working for a (Labor) state government department earning roughly $23 per hour.

    The problem? Well apparently the union rate is about $30 and practically every significant employer of people with the same qualifications is paying in the high 20's or above. In addition to that, those required to be on call after hours would in most cases be allowed private use of the car and mobile phone. Not so for these people working for a state government department.

    So, in practice, a Labor government is paying its own workers amongst the LOWEST wages around for that type of work.

    Given all the talk about IR, I find this situation rather interesting. Surely one would reasonably expect a Labor government to be paying its own workers somewhere near prevailing industry rates rather than being at or near the bottom of the heap. Obviously not...

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    lots of perks working for the government, job security being the biggest imo.


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