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    Post LCT - Living Cell Technologies

    An ann the other day that will help out with the upcoming clinical trials of their product.

    The crux of the ann is this: "LCT is the first and only company in the world to have established the necessary current requirements for animal cell transplants through a biocertified pig herd, GMP cell processing
    facilities and now the accredited diagnostic monitoring laboratory."

    Diabetes is on the rise, hand in hand with obesity, so studies and breakthroughs in this area are good news.

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    Default Re: LCT - Living Cell Technologies

    Thought i might add this to the discussion on LCT.

    nice to see the churn happening; Merrill describes this churn as a shift from value to growth investors. A lot of happy punters from lower prices will be tempted to sell or free carry here and they are being bought into by growth investors who are looking beyond at the potential for this company.

    As for Biotech, it can be a dangerous game because there is so much bullsh*t out there.

    I've been burnt before - I thought I had a good thing at MBP post obesity trial disaster before it tanked again.

    Thats why I make my next investment foray into biotech very cautiously. So why is LCT a better bio to invest in, and not a dud?

    1. Proven patient base - Type 1 diabetics and insulin dependent Type 2 diabetics (uncontrolled by triple therapy [i.e. metformin/glitazones/sulphonylureas]).

    Note: 10-15% of all diabetics are Type I IDDM (Insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus).

    Diabetes is the worlds fastest growing chronic disease in Australia and the world.

    2. Easy to monitor outcomes - BGL monitoring is simple and accurate.

    3. Physiology -

    (A) bodies need insulin to control glucose levels, driving blood glucose into the liver into storage form (glycogen) and cells

    (B) If you can replace the insulin you have cure. Currently as type 1 diabetics know, you need to inject insulin everyday - and depending on your requirements this can be once daily or two to three times daily. Insulin comes in many forms fast acting (i.e. ActRapid)/short acting/longacting i.e. Lantus/Lemevir.

    C) Porcine Insulin is a proven product. In fact many insulin analogues are already porcine variant, so we use it already and it has been proven safe over millions of patients over many years.

    D) So what are Living Cell doing? They are implanting porcine cells to take over the job the human cells were doing previously, but are now unable to do. (Many reasons - wikipedia it :P)

    Proven market. Proven physiology.
    Proven Product.

    And apparently - working well on the patients they've implanted so far. It's lovely to see proper human trials - as much as I love lab rats I'd rather see results in fellow beings =)

    So what are the trials for?


    These products pass through 4 phases where safety is evaluated in larger and larger clinical groups before the product is let out onto the public.
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    Default Re: LCT - Living Cell Technologies

    Amoungst other reasons, I like LCT because the founder is involved and there is considerable passion in his lifetime mission here.

    As a parent with a child with Type 1, I have spent an enourmous amount of time in researching diabetes and potential therapies. I am not an expert and setting aside my emotional desire to see an improvement in the MDI (daily injection) regime and Blood Glucose monitoring, I beleive LCT represents one of the most plausible approaches to 'curing' T1D.

    We must also consider there are over a million people walking around with pig heart valves today so I view some reactions to using pig tissues/cells as misinformed (providing proper clinical steps are undertaken).

    The Americans are now following LCT but I suggest they are some years behind still. See www.springpoint.org

    Another company I like in this area is Orsense out of Israel - they have an interesting BG device that is non invasive coming to market - it just got a CE mark (not that that might mean much) http://www.orsense.com/

    As for stem cell research I can only view this as positive yet years away if at all.

    The trick I suspect with LCT is - efficacy. As a left field thought though - I just hope they don't get taken out by some greedy corporate that has a vested interest in 'burning' their research.

    discl. Hold LCT.

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    Angry Re: LCT - Living Cell Technologies

    Apologies & condolences to fellow shareholders, since buying in about 3 weeks ago the sp has tanked terribly ~25%, why do I have this effect on companies? & of cause I didn't bother w a stop loss -DOH!
    Hopefully sp will turn soon (prob after I sell)
    ASF seems to be getting quieter, ASF needs contributors not just browsers. Please support our favourite forum.

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    Default Re: LCT - Living Cell Technologies

    Out too Soon

    Did you sell????
    LCT's been doing nicely for a few days now, (I bought at 18C in May)

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    Default Re: LCT - Living Cell Technologies

    Story about LCT on Sunday Night on channel 7 tonight.

    I've put them on my Radar. Interesting stuff.

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    Default Re: LCT - Living Cell Technologies

    acquired LCT yesterday at .105's

    the money flows are strong daily/weekly
    accumulation both standard and williams are lifting, volumes are lifting, consistantly more bid than offer in the que

    edge: distinctive method for treatment of parkinsons exclusive to LCT

    well run company with lots of industry support in NZ, listed on the asx

    my reasons for buying as a i rarely buy stocks these days
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