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    I think theres been a general shift in market sentiment from uranium stocks into the oil & gas sector.

    Too many punters wanting to GET RICH overnight from April 19 multibagger potentials! So then they dumped nonselectively

    We can see this from market leaders look at PDN and ERA charts down about 20% from their highs, on the other hand WPL up about 20% from the lows

    POO also flying and very strong.

    The stocks that im seeing that are looking real good include:

    I may or may not hold the above stocks.

    ANy other nice ones that have just broken out into blue skies or above significant resistance.

    Also i hear that oilers are generally the last to run in the final phase of a bullmarket.

    PPP and NDO look sooooo nice.
    If you see better charts out there, please let me know.

    NDO breakout then pullback on lesser volume to the breakout point which should (2mrw) become new support.

    ESG looks set for a run 2mrw, i thought it would be today, but nice to see she waited for me before taking off.

    PPP about to get into 18 year highs if she gets to 28c.

    Thoughts and other similar stocks would be much appreciated.

    Pretty obvious that money is coming into this sector. A bad stock in a booming sector is better and a top stock in a dog sector. You know what they say, go where the money is, and go there often,,,

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    Nizar, no doubt you have looked at the geo-political overlay with both csm and u stocks.

    Both are cleaner energy sources for future energy supply - big big point. I don't think one can suggest there is a shareholder sentiment change in Australia. But internationally they don't have the csm resources. Uranium is more abundant and is exported readily. Hence nuclear energy will be more abundant internationally.

    Oil reserves will run this century or next. Motor vehicles will be hydrogen powered. Where do you think the hydrogen will be coming from? Byproduct of nuclear.

    Both sectors (u & csm) are performing very well and as I have posted previously on the the csm thread on here, my CSM stocks are on par with my u stocks for the past 6 months.

    Reading your posts day to day, you and I in fact hold many similar shares. Both u and csm. I'll stick with a spread of both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nizar View Post
    PPP and NDO look sooooo nice.
    If you see better charts out there, please let me know.

    NDO breakout then pullback on lesser volume to the breakout point which should (2mrw) become new support.
    NDO also may just retreat from double top and find more solid support back at .23?
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    I noticed the exact same thing and was just recently talking with Kennas about this.

    I agree with NIz, most hopped on U bandwagon pre Labour conference expecting a multi bagger the next day and when it didn't come they have been getting bored and dumping.

    I also think that the Oilers have been in the dog house ofr far too long and hence they are being re-rated to a fair value.

    All that being said the U boom ain't going away and I'm using this lull in attention to load up, sure I'm punting big on Copper Nickel and Iron Ore plays atm but I'm also finding and tucking away undervalued uranium stories,

    Give it 3-6 months till U boom begins again.
    Note: I am not a Financial Adviser, nor are any of my posts intended to be financial advice, they merely express my own opinions

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    yeah, the U-phoria certainly has subsided since Labor revoked the 3 mines policy.... (i did actually predict this ages ago... ).... unfortunately i am screwed as far as capital gains go, so i can't even sell if i want to!

    also, i have withdraws excess cash to cut my mortgage in half!
    so now i don't know what to do...

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