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    Quote Originally Posted by nizar View Post
    Last few weeks im seeing alot of money go from U into oil&gas sector.
    You know what they say, go where the money is, and go there often...

    I have been wanting to mention this for a while and Nizar was the impetus.

    Recently a night was organised and run by one of Australia's most prominent advisory services. I attended an Australia wide information evening- every major City, seminar. It was based around Oil, Gas and Gold all night and as to why we should buy into these...with no mention of Uranium. There was specific mention of certain stocks which they recommended as buys.

    Though in previous weeks they had sent out an email with Uranium as the Next Best Thing.

    However, on the night they went very quite almost shy and were not willing to follow up on their very positive and public call on Uranium during question time in front of hundreds of people. This came about when a person asked them to clarify their stand with Uranium in a previous email sent out by them.

    Now I wonder how many of these people are going oil, gas and gold since the 10th May? These seminars were all around the country with many 'mum and dad' types (that is my understanding after speaking with some) attending. It was very swish with luxury cars and 18 year old whiskey on tap.

    I wonder why this advisory service went very quite after all the up roar they previously casued. Is it possible that they could have been influenced? It is all a bit parrallel.

    I do believe this forum has a fairly large impact on 'non-users and occassional drop ins' who don't do their own research before hand and go with the flow of what is said.

    Yes , this advisory service has had a positive return but there were many concerns on the night from people asking questions as to why their previous recommendations had not produced a positive result.

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    My concern with all of these advisory services is...

    "What's stopping them buying a specific Sector/Stock cheap, release a glowing recommendation to buy a specific Sector/Stock, and then selling at a profit to the punters who subscribe to their advisory's"
    "Don't Fight City Hall when you can BE City Hall"
    G. Edward Griffins

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    Mum and dads DONT move markets - nor do newsletter crumbs, forum punters or other small players

    That said, anytime you get an invite to a gig where 18 year old whiskey is 'flowing' - please give me a heads up

    Luxury cars can be leased and returned - but good whiskey cannot be handed back to a lender!!!

    Which 'prominent' player is shouting fine booze?

    It shouldn't be a secret...

    Whywould you think anyone who is 'sold' by free booze and a couple of Ferraris would be able to move any market?

    Crumby dealers want 'action' and sending around topical notes generates action. U308 may have been horny when they sent the first note, oils superior when the second come out.

    These guys make money on sizzle - not steak.

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