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    Default Beautiful depths

    I know depths can change at any time but its good for an upto the second indicator of market sentiment.

    I got some nice ones:
    NWE: 6.8m BUY and 1.2m SELL
    AUZ: 44m BUY and 11m SELL

    Any more lovely depths out there?

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    MPO: 4.3million SELL
    26million BUY
    (factor of 6)

    AOE: 630k SELL
    1.5million BUY

    (holding both )

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    Default Re: Beautiful depths

    Looks great, but realistically these depths can change by the second.

    Seen massive depths that look so strong just crumble within seconds.

    Only takes one major dumper to spoil the party

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stop_the_clock View Post

    Only takes one major dumper to spoil the party
    Yeah, they block the toilet and make the place smell like crap hahah

    Carry on

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    Thank you STC and Sprinter, for your contribution.
    I'll be sure to check out those 2 stocks in the morning

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    Default Re: Beautiful depths

    ESG looks the goods.

    3million buyers.
    600k sellers

    factor of 5

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