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    I have d/l some free software and opened the software and thought where to start, I guess my question is what sort of filters are people using to initially identify potential stocks or maybe some suggestions of a software package that enables filters?


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    Hi Jlbrad,

    personally i just use a small handful of technical indicators.

    Bollinger Bands
    Slow Stochastics

    Sometimes (Moving Aveages), but because of the MACD indicator, it already provides that information needed.

    A typical enrty would be:

    A bounce on the trend line.
    Crossing or touching oversold area on a bollinger band
    +ve indications from
    Slow Stochastics

    Typical an entry on these indications would be on a stock that has capability of a high margin lend, and usually you will find these are your typical blue chip stocks (with options to hedge your open positions)

    eg.. below MAYNE Group Limited (currently holding and open position)
    as for this example, ive added in the EMA (expotential moving average, but this is an optional indicator i use)

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    Question Re: Using technical analysis

    Still in School,

    Do you subscribe to BIG CHARTS ?

    or is it free software?

    The Barbarian Investor

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    Hi Barbarian Investor,

    the charting software i use, is free from E*Trade, personally i find etrades, charts best suit me because, there live data, and only carry a few indicators, in which you really need, but because having an account with etrade, the charting software is free, but the software can be updated live to the second.. it kinda beats other charting software...

    i do use ezycast, but havent used that software in a while, problem is, that the software has to be download every hour again, and it takes a few mins to do, program is user friendly, but because it takes a few more seconds than etrade and isnt live to the second... i personally just dont bother with it... (though ezycast is great for fibonacci retracements - hope i spelt that right)


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    Default Re: Using technical analysis


    firstly for the detail it helped me look out for a couple of things

    also perhaps a coincidence but mayne was added to my watchlist yesterday hmmm


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