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    Default Opinion on CDO & BPC

    Hi guys, great forum.

    Anyone here got an opinion on CDO & BPC. My own opinion is bullish, id like to hear others.

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    Default Re: opinion on CDO & BPC

    Hi Gunclub,

    just sold out of my BPC position today, have been holding that position for months, but because of how choppy the market was today, took that capital and profit, to be invested into other stocks... (could be a while for it, til it smashes through .90 cents) held BPC for about 8-12 weeks

    though BPC migh go up to a $1.00 by thats as far my technical can see...

    might be a bit late to jump onto it now...


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    Default Re: opinion on CDO & BPC

    Thanks SIS. I entered at 80 cents and was wondering if i should get out, there might be a bit more upside left. What about Colorado?

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    Default Re: opinion on CDO & BPC

    Looks like CDO is a goer today. Up .09 at 11.15.

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