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    Default Installing Linux

    What issues are to be aware of when changing over to Linux from XP?

    Is it simple enough for non proficient computer users?
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    i suggest you visit the whirlpool linux forum....tons of similar questions from would-be switchers....


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    I haven't changed a working system from one to the other, but I have worked with M$ Windoze and various Unixes. The Big One:


    I haven't kept up with the Linux V Windows debate for a year or more so things might have changed. Last time I looked the consensus seemed to be that Linux was not ready for "non-proficient" users, but that might have changed.

    It depends what applications you use under XP. You need to check that there are Linux versions and that they are close enough to the XP ones for you to use. Expect some hiccups and don't do anything if you're under a tight deadline.

    As an indication, I switched from Windows machines to a Mac last December. The Mac operating system actually is Unix behind the scenes, but Mac built its reputation on being easy to use so my change be easier than XP to Linux. But after 6 months there are still one or two things I don't have working as I want, and I am a proficient user.

    Are you asking for yourself or for someone else?

    Good Luck,

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    What version are you using/looking at using. IMO Ubuntu 7.04 is quite nice, and probably the easiest to use if switching from Windows.
    I love Linux, and i love Ubuntu, however in my eyes its simply impossible to run ONLY Linux, there still just isn't enough support, hopefully in a few years time we will see a distro going neck to neck with Microsoft with ease of use.
    For the moment dual boot is your best bet, or if you just want a go, get some virtualisation software like VMware, then you can run Ubuntu, or another flavor whilst still in the comfort in XP. Any more questions fire away :-)

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    Default Re: Installing Linux

    Probably the most annoying thing you will find is that all the windows-specific lock ins (office formats, windows media, etc) that you took for granted in the past no longer work, or work differently, or take a lot of futzing around to get working.

    There is a reason the rabid Linux fans complain about these things and Microsoft!


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    There is a nice doco for Debian Linux that I have, if you are looking at Debian, I am happy to share.

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    Face it, Microsoft rules the world, so I wouldn't even bother with Linux...
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    Try ubuntu, you can get a free cd delivered from their website. I think you can try it out from the CD without doing anything to your hard disk.
    If you only have one computer, you may want to consider something like vmware to run linux inside windows.

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    installing a new operating system is all well and good, but the whole point of computers are applications. you need to figure out all the applications you use then find the *nix based version of them. basics like web browsers and media players are covered by the o/s, but you'll want open office to replace m$ office as a start, and you'll need to look for linux supported charting program.

    *nix and MAC are generally "better" than windows in terms of stability (vista is still a pile of sh!t with its driver issues) but its all about the applications and most development is done for windows platform. as it stands now, a patched XP SP2 is a nice, stable, functional operating system, there's really not much reason to move away from it for personal use.

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    Before you fully commit to a changeover, try a 'virtual machine' as GregCouragous mentions. If you find you don't like it, it's simply deleting a file as far as your Windows OS is concerned, rather than having to stuff around with reinstalling / hard drive partitions, etc. etc.

    You'll need a VM Player (that's free) from www.vmware.com, and you can even download different prepackaged variants of Linux, from here.

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    Thank you for the replies everyone. I do understand the logic conveyed here, and will seriously consider purchasing a new Mac as well. It is just for my backup machine, or new backup machine. Compatability for other software is an issue I need to checkout before I act. Thanks for the help again.
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    Its great that you are looking at what alternatives there are out there. But the fact you are asking for "what issues are to be aware of" means that you are not ready for a complete changeover.
    Instead, I suggest doing what I do - dual boot with both ops installed. I am an avid *nux fan, dislike macs (i am a techy - its my right), and am stuck like glue to my pc. I have been dual booting for years. That way I can "play" with various distros of linux, and get a feel for them. I even tried to get my partner to use linux (mandrake - vary xpish) for about 6 months. Only complaint she had was that open office had trouble with some windows doc formats.
    Dual booting allows you to open your files through whatever OS you run at the time. My changeover transition has been running for 8 years and counting....
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