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    Question Stockwatch


    What do you think, still room to move or running out of steam?

    The Barbarian Investor

    sorry, cant paste charts- Great Pig, can you help out?

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    Talking Re: Stockwatch


    No interest in two stocks that have been trending up for a while now?

    I have them on my watchlist(2) as they were entioned by Investmentwise in an article and seemtohave gone from strength to strength , but where to from here, idont know..i can see MCCstill rising with the strength and interestin coal of late..

    The Hot Picks mentioned- in the "New Investor" March 2004
    Namakwa Daimonds NDC

    Straights Rsources SRL

    Iress Market Technology IRE

    McArthur Coal

    All seem to have risen well since March

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