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    Hi Peoples,

    I was just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with those diy will kits you can get. Just wondering if they are worthwhile for someone who doesn't have any dependants and just wants a very basic will.

    Interested in your thoughts and experiences.


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    Hi Mouse,

    I guess the unfortunate fact is that no one is going to know how effective your DIY Will is until you die and it comes into effect!

    I've heard some anecdotes about these resulting in confusion re the estate but those stories could have been generated by lawyers who of course have a vested interested in suggesting they are no good.

    You can get a free Will done by the Public Trust. They can offer you advice.
    They do this, I gather, on the presumption that you will nominate them as Executors and when you do die they charge a very hefty percentage of your estate to administer it.

    To get a lawyer to do it probably wouldn't cost all that much. I think I paid about $120 about five years ago.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: DIY will kits

    I plan to leave every thing to the dog and let the vultures fight over the dog!

    Bluhaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trade_It View Post
    I plan to leave every thing to the dog and let the vultures fight over the dog!

    Bluhaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa
    Woof, woof!

    Thanks for your reply Julia, I hadn't thought of the public trust.


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    Mouse, just be aware that the public trustee charges 3% of your estate for being executor. I don't have any dependents and few people who can fight over my will. Those who can fight usually need to show that they were dependent upon you or had a reasonable expectation that you should have provided for them from your estate. Such people are children and partners (including defactos and adopted and informal). I just have brothers and sisters (none of whom i have supported), therefore I do my will myself. Just keep it simple and direct and have it wistnessed and dated by someone who is not a beneficary of it. Oh and leave a copy with more than one person. If you have people who will or can fight over your will the Public Trustee is a great option!

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    Thanks breakeven,

    I don't have a partner or any kids so I want any money I have to go to charity, rather than relatives that I rarely see.


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    My sister works at a solicitor's office she wanted to use a free kit as her and partner brought a property, her boss stated "they can be pulled apart when you die by a good lawyer and therefore are useless", she got a will drafted from the company she works for and recommends doing it yourself but getting it looked over by a professional.


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