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    Default CMC Platform - opinions?

    I just signed up to the CMC trading platform/service..


    How BAD is the marketmaker platform, i mean, could it be anymore outdated?

    It looks as if a high school kid has been paid about $10 to make it.


    I'm dissappointed that the free equity in my account does not accrue any interest, whereas macquaries service gets about 6.25%!

    I haven't done any trades yet, but just looking around i'm dissappointed.

    Even the charts and other data look completely shabby.

    Your thoughts?

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    Default Re: CMC Platform - opinions?

    Quote Originally Posted by mattlach View Post
    Your thoughts?
    I too havent heard good stuff about it, but others in this forum are quite happy with it. I am with IG Markets, its allright, could be better.

    Look for a guy on this forum called Young Trader, he is is on CMC as well.

    For charts and stuff I use the free QuoteTracker from http://www.quotetracker.com/

    hope it helps.

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    Default Re: CMC Platform - opinions?


    I have just started with IG Markets so far 1 week find the platform fine


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    Default Re: CMC Platform - opinions?

    I joined CMC for about 1 week then closed my account and went back to IG Markets.

    I did not enjoy using market maker at all.

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    Default Re: CMC Platform - opinions?

    So what's so good about IG Markets?

    Is their platform good? Good service? Fair fees?

    Let me know

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    Default Re: CMC Platform - opinions?


    I service I have had from IG has been very good (so far)
    Price is very good
    platform is easy to use


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