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    Post LPM - Loop Mobile

    Hey there
    There is an upcoming IPO for LPM and im interested in it but dont know much abour IPO's etc. (trading in general really!)


    did a little research on some suggestions about IPOs but would like some opinions too pleas!

    basically its splitting away from Adultshop (whoknew!?) and listing at 20c a share. Has some known managers on bored and is being backed by Peter Yates (who seems quite known from what im reading) who wants a 12% stake.

    I like the sound because its cheap and possible good growth potential. howewver its mostly with '3' right now and they arent the biggest providers here or uk..

    anyone else looking into this?

    barnz2k's random blog
    ASX needs to HTFU!

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    Smile Re: LPM - Loop Mobile

    Hi barnz,

    LPM ... here's how the astroanalysis work out,
    until he end of August 2007:

    Pre listing:

    18-21052007 ... positive news ... ???

    22052007 ... negative cycle ... finances???

    04-06062007 ... should be very positive period for LPM

    21062007 ... positive cycle ... finances???


    06-09072007 ... major and negative spotlight on LPM

    12-16072007 ... minor cycle

    26-27072007 ... negative news expected here.

    07082007 ... positive spotlight on LPM ...

    10-13082007 ... positive news expected here

    27082007 ... minor and difficult cycle

    30-31082007 ... minor and positive cycle

    happy days



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    Default Re: LPM - Loop Mobile

    Sorry but what is Astroanalysis?
    Googled it and came up with bunch of astrology type stuff..
    So is this a kind of psychic guess at the stock??

    at least sounds like first few months might be good

    No other views here?
    Seems kinda interesting to me from the management staff etc and the backer is Peter Yates. Martin Hoffman used to manage at 9msn etc..

    Well ive got another couple weeks to decide if I want to try and get in anyways hehe.
    barnz2k's random blog
    ASX needs to HTFU!

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    Default Re: LPM - Loop Mobile

    If you take a look at the recently listed IPOs on ASX you will see that almost all the stocks have opened at a premium. Loop Mobile might be a way to make a quick dollar, not too sure about their future prospects though.

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    Talking Re: LPM - Loop Mobile

    Loop Mobile is progressing in a positive fashion, but it seems no quick win will be seen. A slow but profitable begin for investors may be coming up. Entry into the off-deck into the global markets has to be a driver. (USA Also)

    Any comments?

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