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    Default AGS vs DYL - a comparison

    Which company will come better off in the future. As I am interested in both companies but have little cash to put on both.

    AGS- has recently announced: initial inferred mineral resource for part of the deposit was 3.9m tonnes at 0.37 per cent (15,000t or 32m pounds of contained uranium).

    DYL-hasn't yet announced their resource, but going on previous results they say they contain 18,000T of U308 in Nambia on a few targets.

    Any thoughts on which will be the better company and why, Also if possible any future price targets.


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    Default Re: AGS vs DYL - a comparison

    Quote Originally Posted by doyoureallycare View Post
    Also if possible any future price targets.
    Any price targets for either company that are not accompanied by some reasonably detailed analysis will be removed.

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