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    Allright all you fellow Sydneysiders...I'm rallying you to the noble cause of FOOD. Actually this is a follow on thread from World's 50 Best Restaurants - but for the average Joe like us (no reference to Mr.Blow) without cash to burn.

    Thai On Wok
    193 Glebe Point Rd
    Glebe NSW 2037
    Phone (02) 9660 9011

    no, I'm not advertising these guys, nor am I related to them at all, nor am I a Thai!!

    It's just that whenever I'm in the area with me wife, we ALWAYS eat here...it's real cheap, and the food is smashing...I mean, good stuff. there are other Thai restaurants around, but it's either more expensive, or has too much MSG/salt/oil.

    OK. over to you guys. Recommend some other restaurants so that I can expand my repertoire. but cheap please - I'm an average...John.

    I really hope someone responds, because NSW is the most under-mined (no pun intended) state and really under-represented here in the ASF!!

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    Good cheap restaurants:

    Doy-Tao (awesome thai - newtown) http://www.yourrestaurants.com.au/guide/doytao_temple/

    Bit Brasserie (great value European - Neutral Bay)


    Ashiana's (awesome Indian - Manly)

    Belgian Beer Cafe - Cammeray and the rocks

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    Default Re: Sydney - Cheap and REAL GOOD eats

    There's a restaurant called 'Sumalee', which is tucked inside Bank Hotel (right next to Newtown train station).

    I know the place went through renovations, so i'm unsure what it's like these days.

    But the courtyard has a great atmosphere; the servings are large, and if you've got big groups ... it's very affordable.

    Belgian Beer Cafe is ok, but you'd be looking at $20 bowls of mussels. Mind you're they're fantastic.

    There's also this Korean restaurant, in the Mandarin Centre (Chatswood) food-court. $10 lunchtime, all-you-can-eat...buffet style with tea.

    $7 steaks at Capt. Cook Hotel in Darlinghurst is a great deal. Cheap, and the steak is decent.

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    Default Re: Sydney - Cheap and REAL GOOD eats

    I'd have to agree with the lunchtime Korean buffet at Mandarin centre!!

    awesome kimchi

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    Default Re: Sydney - Cheap and REAL GOOD eats

    Boy oh boy oh boy you guys make me hungry...

    especially more so when I'm overseas and cannot get back to Sydney for all that sumptious cuisine.

    I never knew how good Sydney was until I left for work overseas and then I was faced with boring, bland menus...

    ah, i'm gonna go on an eating rampage when I return!!

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    Blue Fish. I'm not from Sydney but it says Darling Harbour on the business card and I know its close to the Pyrmont bridge. Great prawns and clam chowder.


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