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    Default AHS - Atlas Holdings

    Anyone know why there was a big jump in SP? 10M shares and 13% rise, should catch the eye! Does anyone have access to number of trades? All one buyer??

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    Another good day, can anyone see a problem here? I'm holding, the fundamentals look good and small funds seem to be aquiring a fair few shares. I think it will climb back to the year high, anyone disagree?

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    "The combination of high levels of import price competition, low margins and exposure to volatile metal prices and exchange rates means however that AHS is likely to have greater swings in profitability than most companies."
    Part of Hurley's research. Does it make sense?

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    It seems to be true, however the "non-core" businesses have been shut down which would suggest they are reactive to areas of import competition and are adopting a lower risk set of production businesses. My guess is that AHS should continue to be profitable if construction is still strong??? and theres no real sign of slow down yet.

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