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    Default ISP best deals, hows yours stack up?

    Hey ASFers,
    Im after some advice on ISP's.
    I recently got a letter from my ISP/phone provider Optus telling me that they will be putting up the price of both services at the end of this month and that they wanted to put me on a different, more expensive plan , Because they are doing this I am able to get out of the contract and leave if I wish to do so... which I will do as I think I can get a heaps better deal.
    Im doing some shopping around and so far found a few good deals, one of which was Netscape who are offering 5gig with 3 times faster downloads then what I'm getting now all for the same price as what Im paying ATM.
    At this rate Im going to save at least $20 a month....

    I thought I should post this up here to get all your feedback as Im sure Im not the only one who has received such a letter from Optus.
    I would appreciate it if you could post the plans your on at the moment and what you get for your money. EG: Speed, download limit etc.
    Or if you have seen a good deal out there let us know. Also, make sure you tell us if its one of those bundle packages where you add your phone and internet together.
    As I said Im not the only Optus Customer out there so this should help alot of people on ASF.


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    Default Re: ISP best deals, hows yours stack up?

    Mint Man,

    Check out http://www.whirlpool.net.au/
    Very good bb


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    Default Re: ISP best deals, hows yours stack up?

    I'm with iinet

    20 gb per month downloads - 7.6 Mbps speed

    about 50 bucks a month

    super quick - downloads usuallly get up to a meg a second depending on the server you are connecting to.

    never had a problem with them

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    Default Re: ISP best deals, hows yours stack up?

    I'm with Amnet on ADSL2+ $105/m 24MB/1MB 60GB/60GB

    They have their own DSLAM's in Perth and Adelaide and connect their DSLAM's using their own Fibre Network.

    You can test your speed here and post it on the Forum ==> http://www.speedtest.net/

    This is the result of my speedtest ==>
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    Default Re: ISP best deals, hows yours stack up?

    here was my speedtest, not quite as fast but still better than 86% of the world's broadband subscribers!!!
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    Default Re: ISP best deals, hows yours stack up?


    telstra bigpond dedicated cable, unlimited $56.95/mth

    its on



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    Default Re: ISP best deals, hows yours stack up?

    Haven't had any problems with Telstra cable extreme. If you have foxtel in your area, it's the same cable I believe. The only thing is that they restrict your upload speed, as you will see lower than some of the others that have posted.

    Something to consider if you are sharing or sending large files.

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    Default Re: ISP best deals, hows yours stack up?

    I can only dream of speeds like those already posted...


    for my iiNet account
    home 4 $59.95pm up to 24,000k/1,000k 5GB + 5GB

    and check out that latency! What a jip!


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    Default Re: ISP best deals, hows yours stack up?

    Swiftel 512/256, 10gig DL, 39.95 a month

    Oh the shame.....

    As for service they have been pretty good, I havent had many problems and I've been able to contact the techies through whirlpool instanty with any problems.

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