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    Not sure if this is the right place.

    But today I had an order in to buy some shares and I placed the order expiry at the end of trading. But for some reason my BUY was placed at 4:10 this afternoon.

    I'm happy I got the stock but I just wanted to understand why this happens ?

    Thanks for your time

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    may be a 20min lag?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UPKA View Post
    may be a 20min lag?

    A 20min lag from my side or there side.. I also looked at a few other companies and they had the same action taken and they where all at a lower price....

    i.e DGR Last sell was 0.245 but if you look at the sales you see sales at 4:10pm for 0.24.

    Just wanted to know if this was normal.


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    Suprised how often this question comes up. Look up opening auction/closing auction on ASX.com.au

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    The simple explanation is that the market ceases trading at 4.00pm and then goes into pre open. You have about another 10 minutes to make buy and sell bids. At about 4.10pm the bids are matched and final sales for the day made.

    You will notice the price you paid is in fact the closing price for the day.

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    Thank you for all the replies this makes sence now.... I can what you are talking about

    Thank you for clearing this up..

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