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    Default Unidentified flying objects (UFO)

    It seems there have been encounters all over Australia and starting where else, but Victoria, formerly part of New South Wales. Was a former Prime Minister, Harold Holt who went missing whilst out for a swim in 1967, infact snatched from the sea by a UFO?

    UFO - Encounters - Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdOH29eIXC0
    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgKBW...elated&search=
    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8Qtf...elated&search=

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    Default Re: Unidentified flying objects (UFO)

    here's a pretty cool video showing heaps of video sightings of our friends "the greys"


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    Default Re: Unidentified flying objects (UFO)

    here is a great, clear picture of some weird piece of machinery..


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    Default Re: Unidentified flying objects (UFO)

    Saw a UFO the other night -
    looked like a giant butterfly..
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    Default Re: Unidentified flying objects (UFO)

    I saw an object in the sky,

    at first I thought it was a frisby,

    but it got bigger and bigger.

    I was wondering what it was, and then it hit me.


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    Default Re: Unidentified flying objects (UFO)

    20 20

    i was at the same club, i saw that too!

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    Default Re: Unidentified flying objects (UFO)

    brty & Agentm ,
    you know the wise men followed stars around and ended up in a manger... - (not quite sure if that stands up to close scrutiny - but hey - no biggie) ...

    .. I actually asked that star - "how long do the heavens plan on staying around?" - and it answered "eternity, albeit with a few bumps"


    Arthur Stace was a loser, a no-hoper, an alcoholic and completely illiterate. He lived in the streets of Sydney, regarded by many who saw him as a lost cause.

    One Sunday night in 1932 he entered St Barnabas' Anglican Church on Broadway, Sydney, and heard the Reverend T. C. Hammond preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Banner of Truth has published a paperback biography of T. C. Hammond. Arthur was convicted by the Spirit of God. He left the church, crossed the road, and sat under a tree in Victoria Park where he committed his life to Jesus Christ. He had become a new creation.

    Later that year he was at the Burton Street Baptist Tabernacle on the corner of Palmer Street, Darlinghurst when he heard the evangelist John G Ridley preaching.

    In his urgent, commanding voice, John Ridley cried, "Eternity! Eternity! Oh, that this word could be emblazoned across the streets of Sydney!"

    Arthur Stace the little man who still could not read or write left that church, took some yellow chalk, bent down and wrote one word on the footpath. And throughout the night for the next 40 years, while Sydney slept, Arthur would take his chalk and write in immaculate copperplate handwriting the word "eternity" on footpaths, entrances to the train station, and anywhere else he thought it would catch people's attention.

    Sydneysiders would alight from their commuter trains of a morning and see this word as they walked to work.

    In Sydney today, you can still see the word in three places...

    1) On his gravestone in Waverley Cemetery, commemorating the life of Arthur Stace who had become known as 'Mr Eternity'.

    2) Inside the huge bell in the GPO clock tower which had been dismantled during the second world war. When the clock tower was rebuilt in the 1960s, the bell was brought out of storage and as the workmen were installing the bell they noticed, inside, the word "eternity" in Arthur Stace's chalk. (No one ever found out how Stace had been able to get to the bell, which had been sealed up, to add this mysterious entry to Sydney's folklore.)

    3) In Town Hall Square, between St Andrew's Cathedral and the Sydney Town Hall. When the area was redeveloped in the 1970s, a solid brass replica of the word in Stace's original copperplate handwriting was embedded in the footpath near a fountain as an eternal memorial to Arthur Stace.

    As the year 2000 was welcomed, the word "eternity" in Stace's handwriting, was emblazoned NOT across the streets of Sydney as John Ridley had wished, but across the face of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and, thanks to modern technology, was seen around the world.

    Of all the words that have been spoken during the first two millennia, the one chosen by otherwise-godless people to be featured on the Harbour Bridge at the dawn of the year 2000, is the one that was used to remind so many busy Sydneysiders of their impending appointment with their Creator.

    Because Sydney's fireworks display was the first of the international celebrations to be telecast around the globe, people in every continent witnessed the miracle that God performed when he touched the life of one little, 'insignificant' man - Arthur Stace - a man who heard the voice of God and responded by committing his life to 'preaching' his one-word sermon.

    Heaven only knows how God will continue to speak to the hearts of so many people around the globe, using the work He started back in the 1930s through Arthur Stace and his piece of yellow chalk.

    Ron Bevis
    Maroubra Baptist Church, Sydney.

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    Default Re: Unidentified flying objects (UFO)

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    Default Re: Unidentified flying objects (UFO)

    over many years I developed the habit of referring to extraterrestrials as "extratesticles"; immature i know but there you have it.

    anyway, i was having a conversation with a female co-worker a number of years back on the subject of UFOs. As chance would have it somewhere in our conversation i made the unfortunate error of letting it slip.

    the conversation went something like:
    (me) blah, blah, blah, . . . it would be amazing to have an encounter with an extratesticle.

    (her) . . . . . dead silence, and pained look of discomfort.

    needless to say i dont think we ever talked about UFOs again after that.

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    Default Re: Unidentified flying objects (UFO)

    Am I the only non-believer in UFOs being aliens and think these objects in amateur videos can be explained by -may be say- 30 year old technology?

    I am amazed that people still believe in this. I certainly do not.

    For anyone interested here is an interesting video.


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    Default Re: Unidentified flying objects (UFO)

    Quote Originally Posted by sam76 View Post
    When are they going to land and tell us why they come and from where,
    or, are we better off that they don't?

    How come all these things are taken in our own skies yet the S.E.T.I mob
    cannot seem to pick up any audio of anything...

    Can't seem to find any good uploads as yet...

    Does not matter where it happens - I think people just want to know why???

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    Default Re: Unidentified flying objects (UFO)

    Quote Originally Posted by sam76 View Post
    the lights that appear seem to stay on same position every night, NO movement contrary to what the person was saying about the image hovering, seems pretty stationary to me the only movement i saw was his camera shaking zooming in and out.

    notice the image appear in black and white at night never with color yet during daytime the image appear in color, his purposely filming the night images in b/w.

    my conclusion is the images appear to be from and offshore oil rig platform, that's why you see the orange type flames during the day, again the images are stationary.

    any who if there were aliens out there why not just come out in the open already why the bloody secrecy.

    i find this encounter of 63 children in Zimbabwe more intriguing especially the warning about the environment and the earth, this event happened in 1994.

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    Default Re: Unidentified flying objects (UFO)

    why are we in such a hurry to meet extraterrestrials ,surely if they can
    reach us from deep space they are physically and mentally far beyond us.
    perhaps they would see us as we see chickens,or cattle.
    hell they certainly wouldnt be too impressed with our ability to handle credit

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    Default Re: Unidentified flying objects (UFO)


    FORMER US President Ronald Reagan feared aliens were planning to invade America, a new book has claimed.

    He is said to have believed they had been spying on Earth for decades.

    Mr Reagan, who was President from 1981 to 1989, told a pal he had seen flying saucers three times, said author Darwin Porter.

    He allegedly added: �I just know it. They’ve selected some desert in the West to make their landing.�

    But the ex-President’s daughter Patti Davis dismissed the claims, saying her father, who died in 2004, may have been joking.

    Former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev has claimed the US and USSR made a pact to help each other against an alien invasion.

    He added: �President Reagan said to me, ‘If the US were attacked by someone from outer space, would you help?’
    and here he is saying he spoke to gorby about it...



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    Default Re: Unidentified flying objects (UFO)

    Quote Originally Posted by sam76 View Post
    here's a pretty cool video showing heaps of video sightings of our friends "the greys"


    The guy from the video - ufologist Bill Chalker wrote a book called The Oz Files about strange happenings in Australia. Fascinating read!
    something doesn't necessarily have to be proven to 'actually' exist to have an effect that mimics the very likelihood that it does

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