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    Which data providers do others use? I've tried Norgate and Bodhi but wonder if there are others which might be better?

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    What exactly are you after? Cheap? Historical or Real-Time or Live?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bin57again View Post
    Which data providers do others use? I've tried Norgate and Bodhi but wonder if there are others which might be better?
    Hi Bin57,

    Hows your systems development going??
    Regarding data, what is wrong with those two??

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    Probably should have elaborated. I bought a new notebook, and Bodhi doesn't run on 64 bit platform. I went for Premium/Norgate and am happy with their service. I should add that I was more than happy with Bodhi - it just wasn't compatible.
    No worries.

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    In February 2007, the ASX released their Information Vendor's Guide. It provides details of a number of major data providers, including the services each offers and their contact details. Although it's certainly not a comprehensive list of ALL providers, for anyone shopping around for a data provider, it's well worth a look.


    I currently use CommSec's Professional Trader and get live data through that platform, although I'm considering dropping CommSec as my primary broker for trading and will subsequently no longer qualify for free access to Professional Trader. At this stage I'm looking at Amscot who offer the WebIress platform. Amscot are one of the cheapest online brokers around and the big plus is that they don't charge any extra for conditional orders, which could potentially save me quite a lot of money.

    I also use BullCharts and subscribe to their intra-day data plan which offers hourly snapshots. For portfolio management I'm using EzyManager which gets after-midnight EoD data from Bodhi.

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    Thanks for that link investforwealth.
    Since Sanford are shutting down their Sanford Pro application I am losing my historical intraday data and need to look for a new source.

    Besides using Equis Quotecentre to feed Metastock (silly the data has to fly around the world just to come back to Australia) I am at a total loss as to how to find a replacement.

    What is worse is that it is going to cost me more just to obtain the functionality I once had with the old Sanford Pro platform.

    The trouble I find with WebIRESS is that their intraday historical charting is very very limited.

    On a different note I can recommend MarketSource for historical ASX tick data. I purchased several years from them which I was then able to convert to 5 minute intraday data.

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    As a uni student, I only use high quality feeds like esignal over the holidays.

    The rest of the time, I use an el cheapo combo (QuoteTracker + Commsec Data for FREE realtime data) updated every 20 seconds.
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