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    Default The next bubble?

    I thought the next bubble would have been biotech.

    Maybe i was wrong. Not that it doesn't have a chance. I just think green energy has beaten it to it.

    Uranium is caught up in this too. But there have been substantial rises in anthing promising future returns on new technology. Just like the tech bubble that burst in 2000.

    EDE I believe have a hydrogen based fuel.

    Then you only have to look at the geothermal resources of late such as PTR. I watched these for around a year or two going between 25 and 30c and then BOOM. They're 90c.

    I watched GHT for a month. From starting off at a similar price as what PTR did, they are now OVER a dollar.

    So when TER came on I bought them at 35c. They hold similar licences. Have a similar market share , goals and their licences are located in similar locations to that of PTR and others. So I thought, yer, why not.

    TER are now 46c.

    Is this another bubble? I mean, out of all the green energy choices, geothermal is a done deal, but these companies still have to find the hot rock. Is it easy? I think perhaps PTR's success suggests it is. But i doubt it is.

    On another topic.

    Victoria are looking at getting into the Bollywood market. They've already started shooting in Oz and SWG hold a company "black cat?" who are in the business of producing Indian Films or films in general.

    If a recently shot Indian film in victoria does well at the indian box office. We could see more indian films being shot on our shores and that could mean a lot to a little company such as SWG.

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    Default Re: The next bubble?

    wow...you do look ahead...i'm just only wading in and out of this current commodity bubble...

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    Default Re: The next bubble?

    What about nanotech?

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