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    Default Annual Share Profits

    I was having a conversation last night was a friend and he was comparing his managed fund which returns 15 - 20% PA to shares, I didn't know what level of profit from shares was gained for most people over a year so Ill ask you guys and girls.

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    Default Re: Annual Share Profits

    Real Return or Gross return?

    My Real return around 20-25% after all fees and transaction cost.
    Most funds dont report real return but the Gross return..ie they havent taken fees and stuff out.

    I'm not trading as such I buy and sell when I find something that could produce better return than my current holding.

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    Default Re: Annual Share Profits

    Real returns or gross? Real returns.

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    Default Re: Annual Share Profits

    Is it based on financial year or calendar year?

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    I think the best investors (ie Buffett etc) only manage around 15% per year, but with compounding this gives great results over longer time frames!!

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