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    Maybe some nice sparkle here; up 72% atm with increasing volume.
    be warned; even my dog ignores me

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    Hey guys check out this stock, big buyers again for the second day in a row + very low sellers, i also believe management and major share holders own 80% of this company. Definetely worth a look..... anyone got any thoughts about this??? i read somewhere they have a price target of 9c for it, currently trading at 4.5c

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    Before the Global problems that have effected the share market, not to mention the OPRES and other local problems, this ones share price is slowly but surely growing each day.When the former Chairman Joe Gutnick was removed from the helm and replaced by Mr Peter Jermyn the share price was 4 to 5 and settled about 3.5. One must expect it to return to those heights.

    This one must soon make announcements regarding its future direction.
    It has a very experienced Board of Directors who are definitely NOT in the
    business of collecting companies for the fun of it.


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