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    Hi guys.. been dredging this forum for a long time and been collecting nuggets of info from u all. I have been share trading for a few years and now took the plunge with CFD. Been paper trading with IG Markets. Most of the time I got it right and made decent paper profits. I traded in BSL and PDN. Have some questions and hope the experts here will guide me. Thanx.

    - I dont plan to leverage much, maybe 10 to 20 % I wanna start with 10k of my cash. Is this ok?

    - I plan to trade over a few days to a couple of weeks. I understand that the interest rate charged to me will be over the entire amount, is this right?

    - What charts you use to make a buy/sell go long/short decisions. I really wanna know this one as I look at Bollinger, Momentum, MACD and RSI. What time period do u look at ..like 5 days or 3 months?

    - Anybody have a spreadsheet for calculating their gains?

    - Today morning, by looking at charts I shorted BSL (on paper), Can the experts tell if this was the right decision?

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    RE BSL
    Depends on timeframe.

    My view of the charts

    Longer timeframe I would not be anything but long.
    Short term 15 min chart is mixed but not showing strength.

    Just my views as a drip under pressure.
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    What charting software is that? Nice volume details.

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    Looks weak at the close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tech/a View Post

    Looks weak at the close.
    I am hoping it drops more, I went short on it. Should have shorted PDN as well.

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