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    Default XJO - What a Pullback...

    Hi Guys,

    watching the XJO open tody at 3870.2 and coming down to a low of 3825.1 of the day... and then crawling back up at close of 3830.7.

    Is this the pullback we have been wating for... or is this the start of a new downtrend...

    Or is the market taking a bit of breathier...
    ... building up momentum, and going try to smash through new highs of 3900 points...

    personally before the year ends, i would like to see the market break through 4000 points and stay above...

    but overall... could this be the pullback that will ride us in to and above 4000 points


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    Default Re: XJO - What a Pullback...

    sorry sis - just a glitch in the ol monitor.
    theres nothing on the horizon at the moment to signify any substantial downtrend, with the only minor possibility of the dollar becoming a problem. one of my babies, MAY, will suffer due to a large USD earnings, as will many other export sensitive or US based coy's.
    overall all the barometers signal continued, but maybe easing, uptrend.
    just the way it ought to be - keep those nasty day traders 2nd guessing !!!

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    Default Re: XJO - What a Pullback...

    It purely reflects the comments made by Greenspan ala US deficit and its affect on the American market on Friday, we do still follow suit sometimes.

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