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    My appetite for these new floats is still insatiable

    #1 They are cashed up!

    #2 They seem to list on the Global Exchange to Milk the most out of the strongest Sector/ Class of sail

    Sounds like a good approach/Plan to me! !
    What do you reckon?

    With my limited experience over many Bull and Bear markets it seems to me that the number of new floats often precurse an end to the Good times

    This is not to suggest a market top but to suggest that much more care is needed in these times with the possibility of a BLOW-OFF TOP

    More prize money can be won and Lost in these times than in any other time
    It never gets any better than this
    I just love it!

    TEY was a beautiful Maiden breakout today!
    But how many of us brave sailors actually had her in our watchlists?

    I suggest we recruit a dedicated crew to Set up a Watchlist on these Beautilful Maidens and in quick time

    By definition I declare a maiden voyage as one that has not yet survived a ONE full year at Sea

    The Size of the Float is irrelavent
    As was the case of the Titanic ,Telstra and AMP

    Salute and Gods' Speed
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    "While we stop and think, we often miss our opportunity." Publilius Syrus, 1st century B.C.
    "I believe the future is only the past again, entered through another gate." Sir Arthur Wing Pinero 1893


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