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    Post CNJ - Conico Ltd

    Thought this deserved its own thread... Apart from the fact this has one of the best names for a U prospector (potential to morph into a nuclear power company?!) - what do people think - prospectus at

    Announcemnt from TAS today re IPO for Fission Energy

    8900 sqkms of prospective exploration rights in Sth Oz incl Gawler Craton, as well as 1300 sqkms applied for in Yilgarn / Rudall Rvr in WA

    IPO: 20m shares @ 20c to raise $4m, (oversubscription up to 10m shares) / min applcn 10,000 shares / opens 19 April, close 1 June

    Fission plans to list June 11 with 47m shares / 12.5m 20c options

    TAS shareholders (rec date 16 April) get priority for 17.5m shares

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    Default Re: Fission Energy

    Yep I will be applying for some. The WA licenses look quality and near existing deposits. DYOR. How much will you be applying for?

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    Default Re: Fission Energy

    Also have SRK shares so will be applying for their u3o8 IPO - Alara Ltd... so many choices!! If Labor Conf results if favourable outcome then these two floats are well-timed (although Alara is Peru deposits as well) - if it doesn't then may not see the same amont of interest...

    From other floats with no maximum people seem to have been getting up to $10k worth but not much more - is this your reading? I guess getting a lot is not a good sign as theres not much interest?!

    Might check how many shareholders TAS has versus SRK...

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    Default Re: Fission Energy

    I'll be applying for about $10k worth in TAS. TAS has more projects than Alara, but Alara has some Peru stuff. I have enough cash for all of them.

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    Default FIS Fission Energy

    Fission Energy ( Uranium ) a Tasman Resource Spinoff is due to launch this week.
    Its initial SP may give us a hint as to how new Uranium Stocks are being received.

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    Default Re: FIS - Fission Energy

    I have applied for these but looks like im going to miss out !!

    How do they decide who gets the shares and who gets the money back?

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    Default Re: FIS - Fission Energy

    when do we expect to find out our allocations by? TAS have stated that the more TAS u hold the greater the chance of being allocated more FIS, i hope this is the case!

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    Default Re: FIS - Fission Energy

    You need to call the Advanced Share registry on ( 08 ) 93898033 with your
    HIN no and they should be able to tell you.
    I got mine last Friday.

    good luck

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    Default Re: FIS - Fission Energy

    Apparantly they are listing tomorrow Monday 18th @ 12.30 EST,
    but still no word on Fission site.
    Anyone have an interest in these,what they might list at,seeing Uranium seems to be off the boil a little.

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    Default Fission Energy Limited

    Hey Guys - am new to the site but have been having a good read and will be back for sure.

    Fission listed last week - but have not been able to find much on the company or prospects? Anyone know anything about this company?

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    Smile Re: FIS - Fission Energy

    Hi folks,

    FIS ... 2 significant and positive time cycles
    in play, this week ... so, will be alert for some
    news by week's end ...

    happy days



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    Default Re: CNJ - Conico Ltd

    On July 15th, 2013, Fission Energy Limited (FIS) changed its name to Conico Ltd (CNJ).

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