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    Default Companies doing uranium spin offs

    With all the money in uranium at the moment i was wondering if anyone could post any companies they know of that are doing priority entitlements for upcoming ipos. At present i Know of three,


    If people could post any they know of that would be much appreciated.

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    Exco Resources (EXS) Copper/Gold Co' have foreshadowed a U spin off with priority entitlement to shareholders.

    Disc; I hold the stock.

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    Check this out:

    They might..

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    good thread i hold exs =___)))

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    thanks for these, i have had a look a brief summary below... So only EXS has land in SA, and EDN & GPN in NT, and others mainly QLD and WA

    EXS SA near Radium Hill and QLD
    EDN NT but no exploration yet
    KOR Sold U holdings to Uranium Australia which will IPO- rec date for in specie and IPO not set - mainly WA, one NT Rum Jungle
    GPN Has 69% of YRR (NT U + vanadium) but also agrees with MZM (WA U) and bought some more NT U - also Peak Hill gold
    DGR Mt Isa IOCGU
    URL next to old Mary Kathleen mine - QLD
    SMC Woolgar in QLD - good explore results

    UXA is currently doing a share purchase plan (up to $5k @ 0.35 rec date 27 Apr) - anyone know of any other U companies planning capital raising from existing shareholders?

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    Wcp just annouced a uranium spinoff today. Have to hold a minumun 20000 shares to be entitled to it. Which is around 4 grands worth. If anyone esle knows any please post.

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    WAS is another one, they have highly prospective land in the rum jungle area (next to CMR's Mt finch deposit i believe), land in alice springs and also the woolner dome prospect, which looks encouraging as well.
    they're spinning u assets off into Rum Jungle Uranium

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    SBS (Sub-Sahara)

    Sub-Sahara in joint venture to explore for uranium in Tanzania
    • Madaba-Mkuju JV formed with Canadian company Tanganyika Uranium Corp.
    • Sub-Sahara to hold 15 per cent stake in JV
    • JV owns 17 mineral licences in south-eastern Tanzania
    • Two-step CDN$2.7m work program planned in next two years

    Currently starting picking up.
    And we dont know what happen next, will see ..

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