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    Post AVQ - Axiom Mining

    Hi folks,

    AVQ ... some time cycles, in April-May 2007:

    10-12042007 ..... negative news ... finance related ... ???

    18-19042007 ..... positive spotlight on AVQ - 2 cycles in play here.

    26042007 ..... expect significant and positive news, here ...

    07052007 ..... minor and positive time cycle

    10052007 ..... negative news expected here

    14052007 ..... difficult cycle

    18-21052007 ..... negative spotlight on AVQ

    28052007 ..... expecting significant and positive news

    June 2007 should also be an overall positive month for AVQ ...

    happy days


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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    Hi Yogi,

    I have been waiting for someone to post something in regards to this listing. Recently I became acquainted with one of their accountants who is very bullish. He did highlight that patience would be necessary. I think their OK Mines project is interesting, there have been some encouraging finds to date in tried and true locations. The copper finds seem nice as well. Anyone willing to comment on this one?
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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    i am going with the yogi-in-oz prediction of a great news month of june. they are drilling as we speak.

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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    I bought this stock for 26c in December and I have just been watching it fall and fall. But it's back at 25c after lifting 10c in a week. A few people must be anticipating good drilling results. Fingers crossed.

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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    i'm guessing drill results are just about ready for announcement. could be good. drilling in vietnam & nth queensland at the moment. in quarterly they mention first hole in vietnam hit 100 metres of sulphides. just hope it is full of mineralisation especially gold.

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    Smile Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    I bought back in today after selling out for 19c a few months ago, they haven't announced anything regarding their projects for ages and I noticed in the December 2007 Newsletter, they wrote, 'We anticipate an announcement early in the New Year that will catapult Axiom towards metal production'... 5 months later they have only offered one update (and that was in December!).

    There must be something around the corner, does anyone else have any opinion on AVQ? Their projects show promise, but they just don't seem to be bringing out drilling results as regularly as other companies do, they need to keep investors interested.

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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    Bought in at 0.13c a few months back and have held ever since... Great projects underway..I'm confident an announcement will be released in the near future...I continue to hold!!

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    Smile Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    Just when I was saying they didn't bring out enough drilling results we get two in a week and we get a little boost in the SP.

    No resource upgrades, just reinforcing potential, although they state that in regards to the Nightflower project,

    "Based on intercepts from past drilling together with results of the current IP survey, the digger lode has immediate potential to be upgraded to JORC-compliant status". They even mentioned a historic intercept of "7m of 186g/t silver, 12.19% lead and 8.54% zinc at shallow depth". They are continuing with more drilling set to commence on the 10th of June.

    Hopefully they will be getting some solid resources numbers out of some of these projects in the next couple months.

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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    There was some prospect of this coming back on after they had removed their leader. Does anyone know what is happening with this ?

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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    Just to let you know that AVQ will be back on listing tomorrow. Accounts qualified and furnished just announced.

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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    Share dilution combined with low working capital seems to be the biggest problem with Axiom Stock.

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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    Hey guys,
    Just reading up on this company - they seem to have an inordinate number of potential projects and, as the last post says, limited working capital. An experienced board, though, and some potentially significant resources.

    I would appreciate any informed opinions on this one.


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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    Trading halt until Thursday. Possibly some good news, as they are due to have finished drilling on their mt maiden site a few days ago. Interim report showed some pretty encouraging results.

    Not holding atm but hoping to get in soon.

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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    Quote Originally Posted by thestevo888 View Post
    Trading halt until Thursday. Possibly some good news, as they are due to have finished drilling on their mt maiden site a few days ago. Interim report showed some pretty encouraging results.

    Not holding atm but hoping to get in soon.
    Shares in this company were trading at about 3c when I wrote that... dropped down to 2.5 for a while, languishing around after their gold drilling results turned out to be rather underwhelming... now bought an 80% stake in a nickel mine in the Solomon islands... sp touched 8.2 cents today... wish I'd kept them!

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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    This stock is the next big thing, and watch it open like a rocket on weds morning. Great news for it's Solomon Islands efforts, taking a ground up approach to win.

    Then there are it's very exciting gold prospects.

    I would respectfully recomend a read of it's website before the mkt opens on weds.

    Happy Easter to all


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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    Awesome watch on this one today. Price was thrown to 0.044 by sellers then brought back up to 0.065 by buyers. It was very very interesting see how game was turning up and down.

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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    This has been a very exciting stock to invest in.

    I only recently became aware of it before Easter while it was in a trading halt. Upon reading/researching I became very keen to buy.

    The day prior to openning yesterday, rights were granted in the Solomon Islands to a multi billion nickel resource that suggested the sp would sky rocket. This news coming in separate to it's trading halt, and while on trading halt.

    Then minutes prior to it's openning yesterday, came reports that the Prime minister had overturned this? That rights had been granted to Sumitomo. The approving minister had been sacked. And much much more. The result being that some 20 odd minutes after coming out of suspension, the company had to go back into suspension.

    Claims and counter claims, but with the company putting it's money where it's mouth was.

    Again today more reports, but finally some relative calm. Massive trading volume and I believe now on the radar.

    I find that regardless of the Solomon Islands Nickel deposits, the company was already a winner. I therefore bought happily yesterday and again today.

    I note you are a new investor so let this serve as a great prover that the mkt hates uncertainty. This stock has an amazing potential, but that was quickly forgotten with uncertainty, even though the share price prior to the trading halt did not relate to the Solomon Islands.

    DYOR. Be informed and confident. AND, if so, don't follow the herd. Be Contrarian. I believe I have just made a very lucrative investment at a very very reduced price.

    Who said that the stock mkt was boring!

    Luv it

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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    I agree, the price was trending up very nicely even before that Solomon island license thing. It was very obvious that AVQ was heavily discounted today.

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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining

    Posted a good gain today in a depressed market

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    Default Re: AVQ - Axiom Mining


    I had a buy signal on the 6th, would have bought in at $0.06 but my money is tied up.

    Plus, 0.06 on the 6th of the 6th seemed like an awfully devilish combination

    Anyway good luck, looks like an upward price swing over the coming days to my untrained eyes.

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