Seems like a lot of us use BigCharts for our free web-based charting. Some of you who use Internet Explorer may be familiar with the concept of typing keywords directly into the address bar of the browser. IE offers search extensions to make this possible for a range of different search engines and other sites, and you can create your own very simply.

I've created a couple of search extensions for BigCharts that allow me to very quickly access a chart on that site. When I want an ASX chart, I type into the address bar of my browser chart <code>. For example, to get the chart for Paladin Resources, I type chart pdn.

I also have one that allows me to get charts from other exchanges. To get US charts, I type ichart <code>. For example, to get Microsoft's chart, I type ichart msft. To get New Zealand charts, I'd type ichart nz:<code>, and so on.

If you'd like to add this functionality to your browser (Internet Explorer only sorry folks), grab the two registry files from my website: click on the Tools link at the top of the main page.

The two I've created open the Advanced Chart, but it's pretty simple to modify them to open the other chart types too. If you'd like any mods, I'm happy to write new ones, or give you some basic info to modify them yourself.