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    Does anyone here use wireless broadband, I mean the one which you plug their card into the pc and can get broadband around the city, and it drops down to GSM when outside of the broadband network.

    A friend of mine has 3 as his ISP for wireless but he doesn't rate them. Bigpond as per usual has the largest coverage but with is the most expansive as well.
    Anyone care to share us your experiance with this technology.

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    My parents have this though vodafone, its handy for emails, however its not that good IMO ATM.
    If you're outside of the city your stuffed and you will only get dial up speed, it can also drop out depending where you are.... general rule of thumb is if you cant get reception on your mobile you wont be able to connect to the internet on your lap top.
    I think this is the future and I think we will see free wireless broadband in my lifetime but we have along way to go yet. Business (not just government) need to invest more in this, after all they are the ones that will be getting the rewards from it through advertisements etc.


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