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    What does anyone think of the media stocks? I bought WAN today. Is anyone else taking a position?

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    Bought into Ten...not so much because of recent events, more because the chart shows a poential breakout. Recent events wont hurt though....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenhaven View Post
    What does anyone think of the media stocks? I bought WAN today. Is anyone else taking a position?
    I think WAN way over price ... Traditional paper is dying, well not so much completely dead, but their margins is getting thinner each year, no more big fat easy dollar any more.

    WAN currently can justify their price because a few big players want to get a strategic foot hold once the party is over and they not getting their return on investment they start dumping it

    the Y generation and younger are not going to read paper that often, they all get news feed and using technology to acquire their contents.

    That my 2 cents anyway..

    TEN on the other hand look probably best out of three TV network. Profit is down but that due to the nature of the industry rather than TEN itself.

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    Yes there is the media it is published in aspect, but the key is content. Just because they publish newspapers does not mean they cannot present their content in other ways.

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    Media stocks all up strongly to-day, WAN up 45c, SBC up $1.01 and FXJ up 14c

    I believe there is still a lot of room on the upside.

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    Just got home and signed in. WAN closed at $17.00. What a great day.

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