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    My first thread.What has caught my attention from this stock is the strength of the board and the amount of drilling going on this year.M.D Timthy Goyder holds 17.26% of shares and Craig Williams of Equinox company holds 9%.This year they're spending 3.253 million on their Mount Windsor project.Drilling is continuing with one drill running double shift and a second engaged in may.Definitely worth a read of their web page.Thinking of buying a few shares for longterm hold.

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    MD Timothy Goyder now has bought 19% of company shares.Expecting more drilling results out in the next week.Historic records showing high zinc grades around 8 %.Double drilling in may on this Mount Windsor project and they expect to have a feasability study in full swing later in the year.This is the project they want up and running but will also begin drilling in June at Cowans project in W.A.

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    A quick peek at the price movement over the 1Q07 has me stepping back.

    At least it has a low amount of shares on offer - 79 million.

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    New presentation out for liontown on website.Currently have 4 million in the bank with market cap of 22 million.Fairly tightly held group of shares.Extensive drilling program currently on and aiming to complete JORC at MOUNT WINDSOR near charters tower this year.Already some excellent zinc and silver results with ongoing drilling from two rigs.Accumulating more of these as I see good upside in these.

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    Liontown are busy drilling away in a JV project in Tanzania.

    HIGHLIGHTS Jubilee Reef Joint Venture Project (inc. Masabi Hill)
    • Combined RC/Aircore/Diamond core drilling program commenced with ~4,650m drilled by the end of the Quarter.
    • Highly promising results returned from central zone at Masabi Hill with results to date including:
     JBRRC041 62m @ 2.4g/t Au from 70m including 21m @ 4.7g/t from 70m
    • Second, new zone of strong gold mineralisation discovered near southern contact of Masabi Hill granitoid with best intersection of:
     JBRRC045 80m @ 1.7g/t Au from 8m including 20m @ 2.5g/t Au from 12m and 32m @ 2.3g/t Au from 48m
    • Infill, shallow aircore drill traverses indicate potential for additional zones of plus 1g/t Au gold mineralisation at Masabi Hill. Better intersections include:
     JLRB576 8m @ 1.1g/t Au from 20m
     JLRB581 12m @ 1.5g/t Au from 16m
     JLRB590 8m @ 1.3g/t Au from 12m
    • Results indicate potential for large gold system at Masabi Hill with multiple zones of plus 1g/t gold mineralisation.
    • Three other gold prospects awaiting follow-up drilling at Jubilee Reef.

    LTR have some really positive results, but the other drilling results are leaving alot to be desired with majority of holes <1g/t Au.

    North Queensland Projects
    • Agreement reached with Ramelius Resources Limited to incorporate the Panhandle and Keelbottom Projects in North Queensland into the existing Mt Windsor Joint Venture, which will ensure that a well funded exploration program will be completed on Liontown’s extensive land holding in 2012.
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    Company presentation.

    Exploration update.
    Liontown Resources is pleased to release an updated presentation on the Company’s recent drilling program at Jubilee Reef in northern Tanzania.
    The presentation includes previously unreported results for JBRRC066 (68m @ 1.5g/t gold from 132m) which was drilled at the Masabi Hill prospect down dip of JBRRC041 (62m @ 2.4g/t gold from 70m) which was released to the market in May 2012 (results for all holes drilled in 2012 are listed in Appendices 1 and 2 at the rear of the presentation).
    The latest phase of drilling at Jubilee Reef commenced on 30 April 2012 and finished on 25 July 2012. The drilling program comprised 42 RC holes for 5,138m, 2 diamond core holes for 334m and 23 aircore holes for 621m.
    Drilling is planned to re-commence in early September after results from the latest program are fully assessed. Results for 11 RC holes and the 2 diamond core holes are pending but all assays should be received by the end of August
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