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    Default Dynamics of a Bust

    This is the opposite of the "Dynamics of a Bust" thread

    So some of the topics I have come up with so far to get us started are:

    - What causes a Bust?
    - How to identify a potential Bust?
    - The psychology of a Bust?
    - How to make/protect money during a Bust?
    - Picking the bottom of a Bust?
    - How quickly a Bust can turn back into a Boom?
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    Default Re: Dynamics of a Bust

    Re the psychology of a bust, I've personally never been in the market during one, but I know people who have , and haven't touched shares since

    PS what causes a bust ?... the pump fairy (Bill Cosby version)
    the dynamics of a bust ?... well this girl at the gym seems to resonate at about 2.5 Hz jogging speed..

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