We have all been lucky(particularily in the resource states) to have experienced a Boom firsthand.

We are living in interesting times, because on one hand the resource states of Australia are going gang busters, while in the US they are having a quite nasty Real Estate Bust.

I thought is would be interesting to have a thread on the Dynamics of Booms and another thread on the Dynamics of a Bust.

Now I can't emphasise this enough, there is a lot to be learnt from both Booms and Busts.

And a lot of money can be made/lost from Booms/Busts as well

So some of the topics I have come up with so far to get us started are:

- What causes a Boom?
- How to identify a potential Boom?
- How to pick the next Boom?
- The psychology of a Boom?
- The risks of participating in a Boom?
- Picking the peak of a Boom?
- How quickly a Boom can turn to a Bust?