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    Post TGS - Tiger Resources

    Bonanza Copper discovery in Democratic Republic of Congo....


    7.29% Cu over 102.5 meters....truly impressive drill results...

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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    I became really excited when I saw that, then checked SP vs Mkt Cap and couldn't believe todays poor SP performance,

    however I have dug a little deeper and it makes sense

    Firstly company is in Democratic (My ****) Republic of Congo, very high risk area to be and thus not well taken by Aussie punters

    Secondly the target area of the resource is about 300m by 400m and is about 50m thick so not a very large area,

    I think the best bet is to wait and see what infill drilling turns out,

    With 125m shares + 80m 45c options company isn't exactly cheap as chips but in no way is it expensive either
    Note: I am not a Financial Adviser, nor are any of my posts intended to be financial advice, they merely express my own opinions

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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    Impressive FA here young T =))

    By the way the same technical director of TIGER mark gasson is on ERONGO (u stock) director.

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    Default Tiger Resources

    Hey Check out this stock it up 25% overnight in Germany and the reports are favourable on the quality and content of copper.

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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    Also I has a geologist have a look at the all there reports and his view was bloody unreally really good. SAnd because it is a big fat dirty pit. Its a 50cent!!1


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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    Tiger Resources Ltd., which plans to produce copper in the Democratic Republic of the Congo next year, will begin trading its stock on the Toronto Stock Exchange in March, managing director David Young said. "One of the real drivers for us is that we want to move into production in 2009 and this will give us a much larger pool of investors," Mr. Young said yesterday from Lubumbashi, capital of Congo's Katanga province, where Tiger's Kipoi project is based. Tiger is following other Australian miners who began trading on the TSX to benefit from North American interest in Congo's minerals sector. TGS (Sydney) rose 2 cents to 30 cents Australian (27 cents).

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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    Report on BoardRoom Radio by Tiger Resources MD Mr David Young where he discusses the company's transition from an explorer to a developer: http://www.brr.com.au/event/43827

    Company website: http://www.tigerez.com

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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    Hey guys, greetings from Germany.

    Anyone into TIGER? This thread seems to be somewhat abandoned, wonder why that is. Tiger is on it's way from explorer to producer, and the traded volume of the last couple of days makes me wonder what is going on. Couldn't find any news, but it seems something big is going on. Don't wanna push here, just wondering if one of you guys has some input on the situation.

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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    Will be buying into this one on a dip. High political risk but very cheap for that amount of copper in 4 months.
    "You can't have a double dip if you never left the first dip!" - Uncle Festivus

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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    Loaded up today - yes there is political risk but still share price is cheap given the point that this company is at. Short term market noise given the middle east and now Korean probs will push up oil and push down copper prices and stocks like this - provides opportunities for people like me.
    I can afford to sit on this and accumulate during dips like this.

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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    A resource estimate for 100% owned Sase Central area will be released in April.

    Production to begin approx mid April all going well.

    Copper price near all time highs, I have bought a nice parcel today.

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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    I have confirmed with the company that commissioning of the 35k tpa copper plant will begin this week, will start producing next month.

    The stage 2 scoping study for 100k tpa will also be released next month also.

    Shaping up for a solid month of news!

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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    Quote Originally Posted by surfingman View Post
    I have confirmed with the company that commissioning of the 35k tpa copper plant will begin this week, will start producing next month.

    The stage 2 scoping study for 100k tpa will also be released next month also.

    Shaping up for a solid month of news!
    Hi Surfingman, I think, and hope you are right, as I have a very nice parcel of shares myself.
    If all goes well, I feel it will turn out to be a wise investment. At any rate, all looks very good.
    The next 6-12 months will be very interesting to watch.

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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    Right on que, plant commissioning begins today per the latest announcement.

    Expected to take 18 days then production @ 3,000 Tonnes per month (35k TPA)

    Anyone else holding this?

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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    I have come across a well regarded analyst's valuation on this stock, who values the share at $1.05 as they becoming producers with a high cash flow.
    ( I am not sure if I can quote the company's or the analyst's name)
    As the current copper price is $ 9425.64/ tonnes, in my humble opinion it sounds a bit conservative.
    Only time will tell, but sounds exciting.

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    Smile Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    hi all
    have just recently joined the forum after doing some research online. looking at the threads seems to be a variety of opinions and approaches which is great.

    read the threads on TGS after seeing it as a buy recommendation in an online broker newsletter, then did my own research and although more a speculative share looks like it has some good potential. have bought a decent parcel and shall keep an eye as to how it goes

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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    Bought into this recently. It's had a great run this week. Wondering if anyone else holds or is looking at this company? Would like to hear your thoughts on it's potential (or lack of).

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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    I am not across TGS (atm) but they have released some drill results today that are worth a look at.

     Copper mineralisation was intersected in all 24 DD holes assayed to date (KLBDD038 to KLBDD061)
     The Kileba Priority 1 DD program was completed in March 2012, with a total of 8,295m drilled in 64 DD holes. The most significant intersections include:
     KLBDD059: 149.2m @ 3.55% Cu (including 94.3m @ 5.68% Cu)
     KLBDD045: 124.1m @ 3.44% Cu (including 97.3m @ 4.15% Cu)
     KLBDD046: 63.7m @ 2.12% Cu
     KLBDD055: 46.0m @ 3.56% Cu (including 25.0m @ 6.61% Cu)
     Assay results confirm the continuity of copper oxide mineralisation across the middle of the Kileba deposit.
     Mineralisation remains open at depth and to the north and south of Kileba.
     A follow-up Priority 2 drilling program of 29 holes is underway, with the last hole currently being drilled.

    They have also commenced export of copper from Kipoi
    Tiger Resources Limited is pleased to announce it has entered into an export sales agreement to deliver copper oxide concentrate from its Kipoi Copper Project in Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to the Chambishi Copper Smelter in Zambia.
    The contract with Chambishi is for a minimum of 30,000t of copper concentrate at an average grade of 25% copper content from Tigerís Stage 1 heavy media separation (HMS) plant.
    The export sales are on favourable commercial terms and will be facilitated through the existing offtake arrangements in place with Tigerís major shareholder Trafigura Beheer B.V.
    Tiger plans to export up to 60% of the annual concentrate production from Kipoi, with a higher proportion of the export sales to occur during the dry season. During the wet season, which starts in October and finishes in March, domestic sales will be increased to ensure supply of concentrate to the local market while small-scale operators stop working due to the rain.

    The Kipoi Project covers an area of 55 square km and is located 75km north‐north‐west of the city of Lubumbashi in the Katanga Province of the DRC. The project contains a 12km sequence of mineralised Roan sediments that host at least five known deposits: Kipoi Central, Kipoi North, Kileba, Judeira and Kaminafitwe.
    The Company has reported JORC-compliant resources at three of the deposits: Kipoi Central, Kipoi North and Kileba. The principal deposit is Kipoi Central, which contains a zone of high grade copper mineralisation within a much larger, lower grade global resource.
    The Company has adopted a staged development approach at the Kipoi Project. The high grade zone of mineralisation at Kipoi Central is being exploited during the Stage 1 development. During the three-year operation of Stage 1,900,000tpa of 7% Cu is planned to be processed through the HMS plant with a recovery rate of 55%, to produce the equivalent of approximately 35,000tpa of copper.
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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    hi springhill,

    That's a lot of copper.
    Now I need to know the commodity price of copper.
    And the soveriegn risk in DRC!

    Off to research!!

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    Default Re: TGS - Tiger Resources

    A chart:
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