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    Post IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    Breakout with good volume too

    After reading the prospectus IIG are looking into a few key areas to invest some money. IIG is a shell company.

    The areas of interest are: Travel and Tourism, Bio-tech, Resources, Image storage and mapping.

    I reckon they will go for the resources sector and become pick up a few uranium prospects.
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    Smile Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    I have noticed an increase in volume & stock price of late.

    I have also noticed that they are in with Benitec (ASX Code: BLT).

    Maybe something gonna come through there?? Pfizer deal with Benitec not long ago?

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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group


    Integrated Investment Group (IIG, formerly Captech Group Limited) is an investment company with interests in various entities comprising Oculogic Pty Limited, All Australian Adventures and Benitec Limited.

    Oculogic Pty Limited
    Oculogic trades as the Photolibrary.com and is one of the leading independent producers and distributors of contemporary stock photography and film with worldwide distribution and offices in Sydney, London, Oxford UK, Melbourne, Auckland, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur & Bangkok. IIG has a 53.07% equity interest in Photolibrary.

    All Australian Adventures (AAA):
    IIG has an 80% interest in this company which operates in the travel industry and owns Sydney Golf Australia and Golf Travel Headquarters. AAA specialises in executive inbound tours including major focuses in golfing and scenic day tours.

    Benitec Limited
    Benitec is a biotechnology company specialising in gene silencing technology, which relates to co-suppression, a technology for shutting down (silencing) a single specific gene.

    yahoo finace

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    Default IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    Thread started on a listed shell company called Integrated Investment Group.

    Shares on issues 373,741,959 @ 1.1c per share = market cap $4.1m.

    Current assets include cash of 979k and investment in listed entities of $180k. Investment is in 'tourism, media & pharmaceuticals' ASX listed companies.

    What caught my eye about this company is that the share price has moved 20% over the last 2 days from .9c to 1.1c.

    An investigation into the company reveals the following:
    1. First listed in 1999; delisted 2006.
    2. Capital raising for 250m shares early 2007 raised $1.5m to invest in 'tourism, pharmaceuticals and media'. Raising done through Veritas.
    3. Ann May 2007 ann that company has appointed Mining Assets P/L to search for uranium, copper & gold opportunities.

    Since then, company announced that it has entered into an option/purchase agreement for 100% right to the Lionel Diggings Gold prospect near Ravenswod in Qld. Deposit is described as 'open pittable high grade gold like other major epitermal and porphyry/breccia related gold deposits in Charters Towers region ie Pajingo, Mt Leyshon & Ravenswood'. Gold was discovered in 1890s for a nominal return but, to parapharse the ann, no modern exploration techniques have been applied to the deposit ie the property remains undrilled to date.

    A bit of further searching reveals the following about the mines listed:
    1. Pajingo - Newmon mining, 450,000 oz reserve
    2. Mt Leyshon - Newcrest
    3. Ravenswood - Resolute, 1m oz reserve.
    So these are big deposits.

    A bit of digging on Lionel Digging does not reveal much but the other site has some posters quoting a report by a C.J Robinson quoting a theoretical large reserve. I will not post the resource as I could not find the report.

    Board is made up of non mining directors - media, finance, marketing and pharaceuticals - hence the need to appoint Mining Assets.

    Investment Summary:
    1. Extremely speculative gold play in prospective gold mining area.
    2. Mkt cap $4.1m less cash & investments = $2.94m.
    3. Cash $979k to drill Lionel Diggings - drilling to start now.
    4. Non mining directors.
    5. Not sure of the companies $180k investment is in as these are not listed in any of the announcements.
    6. Director bought 950k shares 31/10/2007.
    7. Low cash balance means that future capital raising will be inevitable. However, given that Newmont, Newcrest and Resolute all have operations in the area, there is the potential that they would purchase any economic deposits if found.

    Interesting prospect that I will be keeping this on my watchlist. Very speculative and full of risk off course. Would be interested in other peoples views on Lionel Diggings and if anyone can lay their hands on the CJ Robinson report. At the very least, might suit traders as it has seen some big swings in the share price and has a lot of shares on issues. As always, DYOR.

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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    Now there is a geologists report saying that there is gold at Lionel Diggings (see announcement just released) and they are trying to obtain a RC drill to drill the property ASAP. Quoting El Dorado in the announcement which seems a bit against the spirit of the ASX but maybe those media and mkt types have got carried away with the excitement of the report.

    Ok so I'm in....mkt cap is very low and the sniff of gold in commercial quantities will send this one north at a silly time for resources. T'is all about taking a risk.

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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    I'm in too.

    I like it when the directors start buying on market. It's an encouraging sign. There have been 4 lots of purchases by 3 directors since 24 Oct.

    Certainly has some upside potential as they stated in the progress report dated 8 Nov that the finalised assay results are due out before the end of November.

    Now all they need is a drill rig.


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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    How did you enjoy that run Marine Boy. I have sold at 3.9c - cannot believe it a 225% gain in an hour. Grades they quote in the announcement today are massive - +50 g/t. But i will take profits on this one now as it looks a bit too much like a frenzy to me. Back in later when the frenzy settles.

    Love it when a plan comes together!!

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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    I missed the boat on this one. Had a parcel two weeks ago but got spooked out by the lack of volume. Sold at the same price I bought at a few days later.

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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    Loved it Bushman.

    I am out now after taking profit.

    Let the daytraders play for a while and I will look to re-enter later when it settles down.


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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    traded a few in it today,

    IIG shows me that the mkt wants penny stocks to run with no matter what!

    Crazy times, crazy crazy times
    Note: I am not a Financial Adviser, nor are any of my posts intended to be financial advice, they merely express my own opinions

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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    Quote Originally Posted by YOUNG_TRADER View Post
    traded a few in it today,

    IIG shows me that the mkt wants penny stocks to run with no matter what!

    Crazy times, crazy crazy times
    right there with you YT, if you can get a feel for the ones that will run after an announcement there is alot of money to be made.

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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    Quote Originally Posted by mick2006 View Post
    right there with you YT, if you can get a feel for the ones that will run after an announcement there is alot of money to be made.
    Yes Mick - it is just finding the right one's. I have to thank Big Dog for this - his daily market update had this showing as increasing 10% over a few consecutive days a month or so ago. But of research and then the directors all bought up and quoted 'bonanza' gold samples in the last ann. Had a feeling it would by +10 g/t rock chips based on old drilling/geology reports. +50 g/t was huge. Thought it would send the price up 100% with additional upside once drilling is complete. Report states 500k oz potential.

    Anyway today was ridiculous so got to lock in my trade plan early. Will be back for a free carry if they can source a drill rig! It's board is a bunch of marketers after all.

    Now c'mon EXM - life up to the hype!!

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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    Bushman it looks like the drill rig has been sourced from the following in the progress report today.

    I hopped back in on the close.

    Cheers Marineboy

    A seven hole, five line drill program totalling 1,080m is now planned with the reverse
    circulation holes testing for stacked vein systems to a vertical depth of between 100 - 120m.
    A drilling contractor is available to complete the program before Christmas, weather
    permitting and assay results from a successful program should be available late January or
    in February.

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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    Can I ask where you can find these penny stocks before they run??
    Do you have to use special software to scan, or join any broker??

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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    Hi Kevinecom

    I took a position in IIG after noticing that the directors were buying recently.
    Did some more research on the company and took a punt.
    Paid off for me today.

    Cheers Marineboy

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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    I was almost getting ready to sell this stock for a small loss after holding for so long to no avail. Shame I didn't. Would have liked tyo get out today near the highs though, see what the open brings tommorow.
    The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing mankind he does not exist.

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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    well well well, i wonder how many people were laughing at me back in march?? probably everyone.

    well guess what? I held and I made my 300k on this baby today.

    Thanks for comming
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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    well it's had a decent run today... looks like with the upcoming drilling results and the rising gold price, speculators are getting on board... hopefully, we see another big rise on the upcoming announcement due sometime this month...

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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    drilling results keep getting delayed due to poor weather... SP has drifted back to almost what it was pre-announcement of the big gold grades...

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    Default Re: IIG - Integrated Investment Group

    Does anyone know what prompted today's high volume trading. Unless drilling is about to commence.


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