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    Default Tougher water restrictions

    From ABC, March 22, 2007

    Melbourne will move to tougher water restrictions from April 1.
    The State Government has established a new, intermediate water restrictions level it is calling "Stage Three A".

    The intermediate level means Melbourne will not have to move to harsh "Stage Four" restrictions in May.
    Premier Steve Bracks says there is only one change residents have to be aware of.

    "On the watering each week, that is the two occasions of a week which you can water, you'll be watering in the morning only and not the evenings," Mr Bracks said.

    "So that's 6:00am to 8:00am in the morning two days a week, but not in the evening and that is the only modification and change to Stage Three."
    Only very young people, pensioners, unemployed and other welfare beneficiaries will be able to satisfy new requirements and every now and then shift workers.

    People who leave home 5am every day, will have to forget the garden or use more sophisticated watering systems like water tank, bore water, grey water.

    Possibly some unemployed could provide watering services, if they donít have to hold the hose to water at their place.

    Of course emigration could be encouraged and immigration restricted as well as regulation of births imposed.
    After all, every human being is more than 70% of water.

    And obviously somebody slept at the stern when big-dry issues were coming.

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    Default Re: Tougher water restrictions

    Cry me a river!

    Personally, I'd much rather have water to drink than to make my plants look pretty. And who doesn't have automatic reticulation these days? For those that don't, about $100, a trip to bunnings and an afternoon with a shovel will sort you out if it really is that important.

    Australia has more rainfall per capita than any other developed country, it just falls in the wrong spots. Water management is the issue here, lets not lock people out because of it.

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    Default Re: Tougher water restrictions

    Yes, i agree...

    We are in water restrictions because of greed... i.e. over allocation of water for cash crops AND poor infrastructure...

    Nothing to do with population.

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    Default Re: Tougher water restrictions

    My house went out of water for 1 day due to a burst pipe... let me tell you what it was like...
    My life came to a grinding halt because I couldn't even take a shower to go to school... I had to wash myself with bottled water from the fridge... Water to most is a commodity but to me it is life... and it should be treated that way...

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