Got this email a while back thought Id throw it up for anyone that hasn't seen it yet.

The following is some light reading for people that like to know what their
Government is up to these days.

Is the following information part of an elaborate conspiracy theory or the truth?

We saw all of the opposition towards the "Australia" card which was seen as
the government's way of getting the upper hand on us. The card was shot down
by the people as an invasion of privacy, so what now?

The latest attempt by the Government to persist with this theory of keeping a
closer eye on us is the SmartCard. Why you might ask. The forced fed advertising
for the GREAT benefits of this card being put in front of us is that we will be able
to combine a lot of different cards (Medicare, Social Security, HealthCare etc, etc,

On the surface this sounds great, as there will be a reduction in the cost of
maintaining so many different cards and duplication databases, which all costs
money, for the different departments/companies.

So what is wrong with that, I hear you ask. Let us now look at what is actually
proposed for this card and only drip released to us so we do not get the total
picture of the project.

Firstly they tell us that we will need to combine all of the databases into one
location, meaning that every company/department that has some data in there
can see everything about you.

Lets us now throw a photo on the card and therefore also into the database, with
the excuse of "Card Crime" prevention measure. What you now have is an identity
card that can track you, every time you use the card and everywhere you go.

Have you heard of Biometric Photographs? They are basically normal photos that
have had certain measurements recorded about the structure of your face and
recorded in the database. These values can now be searched by a computer to
find matches. This data is already part of the new passports and is going to be
part of the SmartCard we now find out

So what, you say. Why all this fuss if you do nothing wrong you have nothing to
worry about. Did you know that this database will be made available to ASIO,
Customs and the Police department? It is interesting that when this suspicion was
first raised we were told that ASIO and the Police would need a search warrant to
access the data BUT nobody was told that there is already some "existing
overriding legislation" in place making that step redundant.

This Biometric data will give the agencies the ability to use facial matching
capabilities for tracking your every move. There have been a lot of smaller scale
tests run all over the world. Some security cameras around some cities and
Airports have been connected to this technology for some time to get some road
testing results.

Have you noticed that some airports have now started to make you walk through
a narrow passage that has a large number of cameras pointing down at you? This
is the simplest method for gathering all-round facial images for the purpose of

It is not about having something to hide it is about having FREEDOM and not
having BIG BROTHER looking over your shoulder at every turn. What is next - an
electronic chip implanted in your hand? Sorry, too late, this is also already being
tested for mass distribution.