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    So I'm looking at Arrow as part of my newbie paper trading (felt it best to put it in here than in the thread).

    Recent report:

    They have a 'valuation' of $1.68/share, target of $1.78. Is their 'valuation' what they think the stock is worth at this present time, with the target where they think it will end up in the near future?

    Also they talk about some of the future projects/events that may happen and and a 'potential upside' of $2.30/share - is that what they think the market reaction will be to those events, in other words they expect the share price to climb an additional $2.30 if those things happen?

    I realise this is just one point of view from that particular investment group, but I'm more interested in ensuring I understand the jargon correctly. I'm not rushing out (okay, it's only paper trading) based on one recommendation ...

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    Correct, you have understood the jargon.

    jog on

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