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    I've recently been looking closely for biotech companies with potential to grow long term. This one caught my attention.

    Cytopia's goal is to pioneer the development of small molecule therapeutic drugs for diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and immune disease.

    Having commenced operations in 1999, based in Melbourne, it has developed world-leading expertise in kinase biology and integrated a robust structural biology program with medicinal chemistry and drug development.

    The Company's products in the pipeline include CYT997 and FMS, which is used for the treatment of cancer; JAK3, which is used for treatment of Chronic organ failure, and JAK2, which is used for the treatment of heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. Recently, they have signed a global license and R&D agreement with Novartis related to their JAK3 therapy.

    They claim on their website (http://www.cytopia.com.au) that their "new class of drugs has the potential to achieve total sales measured in the tens of billions of dollars in markets which include solid tumours, leukaemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma and a range of immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and asthma."

    Whilst they have some drug candidates undergoing preclinical assessment prior to entering formal development, their lead anticancer agent, CYT997, has been involved in a Phase I trial in Brisbane, administered intravenously to seriously-ill cancer patients. Application for an extension of this in an oral trial has been sought in the US.

    They have collaborations with the following institutions in Australia:

    Monash University - X-ray crystallographic studies

    Victorian College of Pharmacy - Drug optimization

    University of Queensland - Kinase biology

    Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - Conformational analysis of proteins

    Baker Heart Research Institute - Cardiovascular models

    With the SP now at 0.64, this may provide room for growth over the mid to long term.

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    December '07 Newsletter


    Cytopia Reports Final
    Data From phase 1
    Cancer Trial

    Cytopia recently presented an update on
    the final data from its Phase I clinical trial
    for CYT997. Importantly, the trial not only
    achieved its primary objectives of determining
    the safety of the compound in cancer
    patients but final data also revealed that
    CYT997 may be targeting and disrupting
    the blood vessels of tumours.

    Stream of news expected in 2008.

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