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    Default Working for Publicly Listed Companies

    I just picked up a couple clients that are Publicly Listed.

    Is there anything I need to careful about if I decide to buy/sell Shares of these client?

    I'm tempted to buy shares in any Publically Listed Companies I work for mainly as an ego boost. I can say that when I started working work company XYZ their share price was $1 and now it's $5.
    (hahahaha, I wonder how many of you did a search for XYZ company)

    I had one other client that was $0.30 when I started working for them and now they are around $1.20

    I guess my main issue will be when shares are bought/sold. But saying that, you get a completely different perspective on these companies once you've work in them and have talked to the directors etc.

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    Default Re: Working for Publicly Listed Companies

    Depends who you work for, what they do and what services you are providing to the client.

    You will probably find your company already has a policy on owning shares in clients. If its a small company, or your own, this is one area to consider very early on the in piece.

    The questions you might consider in deciding if share ownership is a problem
    - Is it likely you will have access to price sensitive data?
    - Is it likely to create a situation where a conflict of interest will arise (eg. your role may have a negative impact on the SP)?
    - Is your position as an 'outsider' a part of the reason you may have 'won the client'?
    - Are others that rely on the output of your work assuming you are independent of the company?

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