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    Check out Blue Freeway. BLU

    This is worth a look. It's in my home territory too. I'm a co-founder of a number of Internet Design and Development companies so this listing is right in my knowledge space.

    You can get the prospectus here.

    Their website is http://www.bluefreeway.com.au


    BlueFreeway intends to be a pre-eminent digital and interactive marketing and communications company, providing a full service solution to top 1,000 Australian corporations and to governments.

    • Stakes in a diverse portfolio of 10 profitable digital and interactive marketing and web hosting companies Significant exposure to strong growth in the online and mobile marketing sectors.

    • Approximately 200 employees across Portfolio Companies Global reach, with Portfolio Company offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New York and London

    • Over 650 clients in the Portfolio Companies

    These are the investment highlights:

    • High Growth Market: A significant portion of the Company’s revenues are derived from the online marketing sector which has grown at an estimated 62%(1) p.a. over the last two years Established Profitable Companies

    • A portfolio of established and profi table digital and interactive marketing, communications and hosting companies, with a track record of growth

    • A management team with a successful track record in building global internet businesses from Australia.

    • A pool of talented industry specialists across a variety of digital and interactive marketing disciplines.

    • Potential of Innovative Business Model The ability to be Australia’s fi rst listed “one-stop” digital and interactive marketing and communications
      company with the provision of a suite of online and mobile marketing products and services to government and major corporations.

    • A portfolio of innovative digital and interactive technologies including mobile, SMS and email platforms, email campaign management, hosting, eLearning and location based services.

    • An opportunity to leverage off the Company’s business model and technology into international markets.


    It listed in December at $1 per share and was on course to reach nearly $2 before the China correction. At the moment the share price could either be seen as realistic - OR - a last chance to jump on before the run continues.

    The caliber of companies involved is very high. Competition in the sectors is also very high. I know from first hand experience that the industry sector is in a state of growth at the moment and that business models are generally very stable after having to push on post the industry bubble burst. There are other comparable groups such as Photon that are listed. Just check out their SP history.

    BLU released an ASX announcement today showing performance was on track and this is reassuring. I'd expect some positive response tomorrow.

    Included below is a chart since BLU listed.

    For the record I HOLD this stock at present.
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    A monster trade of 340,000 shares at $1.44 just went through. This is worth noting as that's a lot of confidence at $0.5M spend.

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    Still no interest from anyone here??? Check this out - it's up up and away...

    BLU has done loads of acquisitions lately and they've also revised their earnings up. AMP became significant holder lately too.

    Not sure what fair value is though... based on the indicators this could keep running a little while yet.
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    Not looking quite so good now, though.

    I just bought in at 4.7c thinking I was lucky to buy in below 5c which looked like the point of a bit of resistance. But, it just kept going down.

    I figured it ought to be around 10c since that is the price the proposed rights issue subscription price is set at.

    I guess I'm newer at this than I thought and my success with BLKO was a fluke.

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    Quick update: I shouldn't have doubted myself.

    It ended at 0.050 on Monday and I sold out at 0.055 on Tuesday. I could have held out for more (it's opened at 0.065 today), but I needed the money for another trade.

    My rationale for buying in the first place was that in my opinion the price had gone down further than it needed to based on the announcements.

    I still believe it will continue further towards 10c in the coming days.

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