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    From, March 4, 2007


    The organiser of Clean Up Australia says around one million people across the nation have taken part in today's campaign.
    Clean Up Australia chairman Ian Kiernan says that has involved cleaning up more than 7,000 sites nationwide.

    But Mr Kiernan is urging those volunteers to go a step further by reducing their own households' greenhouse gas emissions.
    He wants them to sign a pledge committing to a 25 per cent reduction target every year for the next three years.

    "With climate change the threat that it is, we know that the Australian family emits an average of 0.9 tonnes of CO2 gases every year," Mr Kiernan said.
    "If that family agrees to go to green energy, they'll reduce their emissions by 1.33 tonnes.

    "That's the same as taking the family vehicle off the road for four months."
    I never leave anything behind on picnics, I never litter and I think that wrong people do clean up.

    Idea is commendable, but people who conduct clean up should be ones caught throwing out rubbish.

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    Happy - good point .
    but in the meantime, volunteers do it willingly - and after they finish and achieve their goals of picking up all that paper and stuff, Kiernan should be given a ticka tape parade (sorry its an old joke )

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