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    Default Balibo 5 Massacre

    It seems that high levels of government were aware of this atrocity soon after its commitment.

    A sad, sorry, shallow piece of Australian history.

    The guilty are too old or infirm to prosecute.


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    Default Re: Balibo 5 Massacre

    Just like how the Govt (Johnnies libs at the time) knew full well there would be carnage at the East Timor independence election time a few years back - They chose to ignore the intelligence and let it happen so as not to upset Indonesia!!! Thats how we protect our neighbours. Dunno how many died in the end.
    It makes sense anyway since Whitlams labour govt stood by and let them invade timor in the first place, with full prior knowledge it was going to happen!!!!!!!!
    Trust no-one in government..... or in politics for that matter...

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    Default Re: Balibo 5 Massacre

    Man accused of Balibo killings laughs off arrest warrant
    The former Indonesian general and cabinet minister, Mohammad Yunus Yosfiah, has laughed off a warrant for his arrest over the deaths of five journalists in East Timor in 1975. Mr Yosfiah says he is fed up with the allegations and has no interest in attending the inquiry. He has again denied having any involvement in the deaths of five Australian-based television reporters in Balibo in 1975.

    Asked how he felt about an the issuing of a warrant by the Glebe Coroners Court in Sydney for his arrest by the coroner leading an inquiry into the deaths, the member of Indonesia's parliament laughed and says he feels nothing. He says he feels no guilt but did say he feels sympathy for the families of the dead journalists. The warrant has no force beyond Australia, but Mr Yosfiah says he has no plans to travel to Australia or offer any testimony to the inquiry.

    Court address. Meanwhile, the coroner inquiring into the deaths of one of the journalists in East Timor, says all five families will have a chance to address the court before her findings are delivered. The sister of one of the journalists killed, Brian Peters, will be allowed to address the court.

    Maureen Tolfree became very emotional when told that she will have a chance to address the court before the findings are delivered. Deputy coroner Dorelle Pinch says the same invitation is going to the families of the other four men who died when Indonesian and Timorese forces took Balibo.... etc
    thank chrise for current Indon leadership (bang bang) who seem to have the military a bit under control at least. - and the only positive to come out of the sunami was Aceh peace agreement (but it took 300K Indon dead and 500K displaced to do it) - Australia's big international aid effort you'll recall. ($1billion? something like that)
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2004_In...ean_earthquake Many health professionals and aid workers have reported widespread psychological trauma associated with the tsunami. Traditional beliefs in many of the affected regions state that a relative of the family must bury the body of the dead, and in many cases, no body remained to be buried.

    The hardest hit area, Aceh, is considered to be a religiously conservative Islamic society and has had no tourism nor any Western presence in recent years due to armed conflict between the Indonesian military and Acehnese separatists. Some believe that the tsunami was divine punishment for lay Muslims shirking their daily prayers and/or following a materialistic lifestyle. Others have said that Allah was angry that there were Muslims killing other Muslims in an ongoing conflict.[59] As said by Ebiet G. Ade, an Indonesian ballad singer, in his song, Berita Kepada Kawan (News for Friend): Mungkin Tuhan mulai bosan melihat tingkah kita/yang selalu salah dan bangga dengan dosa-dosa/atau alam mulai enggan bersahabat dengan kita (Maybe God begins to be bored watching our behaviors/that are always wrong and proud with the sins/or nature begins to be reluctant to be friendly with us). [60] Women in Aceh required a special approach from foreign aid agencies, and continue to have unique needs. [61]

    In what may be the most significant positive result of the tsunami, the widespread devastation led the main rebel group GAM to declare a cease-fire on December 28, 2004, followed by the Indonesian government, and the two groups resumed long-stalled peace talks, which resulted in a peace agreement signed August 15, 2005. The agreement explicitly cites the tsunami as a justification.[62]
    a couple of incidentals about indonesia from wikipedia
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indonesia The Indonesia judicial system comprises several courts; the highest is the Supreme Court. Most civil disputes appear first before a State Court; from which appeals can be heard before the High Court. The Supreme Court can hear a final cassation appeal or conduct a case review if there is new evidence. Apart from civil courts, Indonesia has a Commercial Court to handle bankruptcy and insolvency; a State Administrative Court to hear administrative law cases against the government; a Constitutional Court to hear disputes concerning legality of law products, general elections, dissolution of political parties, and the scope of authority of a state institution; and a Religious Court to deal with specific religious cases.

    Indonesia's armed forces (TNI) total about 300,000 members, including the Army (TNI-AD), Navy (including marines), and Air Force. The army has about 233,000 active-duty personnel. Defence spending in the national budget is 3% of GDP supplemented by revenue from military-run businesses and foundations. In the post-Suharto period since 1998, formal TNI representation in parliament has been removed, but its political influence remains extensive......

    Significant separatist movements in the provinces of Aceh and Papua have led to armed conflict and allegations of human rights abuses. Following a long standing guerrilla war between the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and the Indonesian military, a ceasefire agreement was reached in 2005. In Papua, there has been a significant, albeit imperfect, implementation of regional autonomy laws, and a reported decline in the levels of violence and human rights abuses.[33]

    National flags at the site of the 2002 terrorist bombing in Kuta, BaliTerrorist bombings linked to extreme Islamism and Al-Qaeda[34] have occurred in Bali and Jakarta; the most deadly attack came in 2002, killing 202 people (including 164 international tourists) in the resort town of Kuta.[35] The attacks and travel warnings issued by other countries have severely damaged the country’s important tourist industry and the economy's foreign investment prospects.[36] In cooperation with other countries, the Government has achieved substantial, but so far incomplete, success in apprehending and prosecuting the perpetrators and fracturing their organizations.[37]

    In the freer political environment of the post-Suharto years, the role of religion, particularly Islam, in society and politics is hotly debated. The current "anti-pornography" bill before Parliament, for example, is aimed not only at publications and movies, but also at outlawing immodest dress and displays of affection such as kissing in public and dancing. Its supporters argue that it is a necessity to maintain moral standards; its detractors maintain it would be an unwelcome control of individual freedoms and would be discriminatory towards women in particular.
    Indonesia sure has a unique set of problems.
    not that I propose a soft reply to "The former Indonesian general and cabinet minister, Mohammad Yunus Yosfiah" - who knows where the buck stops, but he sounds pretty close to the hot seat. His best defence would be that he was something similar to Scott Rush, the drug mule - who wasn't the organiser either
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