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    Default Todays Top Gainers - Amongst the selling

    These are the top % gainers as at 3.00pm.28/2
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    Default Re: Today's gainers

    Some gainers...

    JMS - Up 22% to 19.5c

    EXM - up 25% to 2.5c

    MEO - Up 33.33% to 22c

    Any standouts?

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    Default Re: Todays Top Gainers. Amongst the selling

    Lots of >20% on my screen but gee TLM must have got belted yesterday

    Up 50% atm

    Bet thats settled some nerves

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    Default Re: Todays Top Gainers - Amongst the selling

    Some iron ore stocks doin o.k.
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    Default Re: Todays Top Gainers - Amongst the selling

    From 23 January and 4 months later these stocks have done exceptionally well.(check previous post for comparison)
    Unfortunately for me I was a victim of the market correction and CFD newbie failure so these beauties got away, especially Brockman.
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    Never let anyone dictate your life path.

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