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    Hi all, wouldn't mind opinions on this company.

    Just commenced drilling nickel targets on highly prospective ground.
    Recently granted uranium tenemenants in Oz - fieldwork commencing first qtr 07.
    JV with IGO re nickel grounds.

    Market cap $3m (+options)
    $1.5 mill cash.

    Looks promising, the nickel results are expected end of Feb...could see a bit of a surge.

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    A little more interest in this one today, it does look promising. Recent drilling has probably finished, results later this month ( as previously stated), although I am not holding, I am tempted to buy in..for both nickel and uranium projects, and a MC of under $3m..I would appreciate any comments re knowledge of this company, and/or potential for growth (trading at 11c minimum for the 52 wk period, currently near that at 13c). Thanks guys.

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    Results for nickel drilling should be released in the next couple of days, if their announcements hold true. With such a small market cap, positive results could see this one move significantly.

    Very little interest in GLA...though it may be for good reason..

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    Anyone notice the unusual volume over the past 3 days of trading?

    I hold at 0.066 only because of the unusual volume. Indicates interest at least.

    20 Apr 2012 0.064 6.67% 0.068 0.061 7,813,963
    19 Apr 2012 0.060 -14.29% 0.070 0.058 6,221,201



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    Appendix 3B - stock shortfall from the rights issue came out. Quite a few shares at 6c. Interesting to see it so strong though, definitely someone buying those.
    I believe effort to be a finite resource. Something to be used only when there are no other options available.

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    bought some this morning. I like the chart...and the volume. I know zip about pig iron.
    Looks like a potential breakout to me.

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    GLA's market cap. was $31.7m-$70.2m in between 31/12/2010 to 24/2/2011
    cash = $7.47m
    undiluted EV = $24.23m-$62.73m
    0% interest in the Isla Cristalina JV in Uruguay

    GLA's market cap. was $13.08m-$18.04m from 18/4/2012 to 11/5/2012
    cash = $6.9m
    undiluted EV = $6.18m-$11.14m
    51% interest in the Isla Cristalina JV in Uruguay

    current share price 7c (11/5/2012), m/c = $15.8m, undiluted EV = $8.9m
    so, 0% interest in Isla Cristalina JV in Uruguay was worth $24.23m-$62.73m
    but it is only worth $8.9m when the company earned 51% interest?

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    for the right issue at 6cps, shareholders have taken up 70.7m with short fall of 30.6m (dealt by underwriter Patersons)
    trading volumes after right issue shares allocated to the shareholders on 18/4 is about 52.2m Patersons should have offload most of the shares by now, imo.
    26.5m out of 70.7m shares that taken up by the shareholders are held by the substantial holders and directors, so that leaves only 44.2m right issue shares. So 44.2m+30.6m = 74.8m is the total no. of right issue shares that would possibly be placed on the market.
    I believe once the selling from the right issue finished, it should rise to a fair value


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